Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When In Doubt..

In this century, when every person steps out of their house like they were strutting down a runway, when we are flooded with fash-mags and blogs telling us about what to wear this season and designers bring out the "it" outfits that cost an arm and leg and more, when a doctor can give you a perfect 'nicole kidman-esque' nose or 'angie' lips .... there comes a Karl Lagerfeld, in a candid interview with model Sigrid Agren, being quizzed about the secret of becoming a supermodel. He flatly asks ,'You want to know what the real secret is?'.

Agren pushes,'Tell me.'

Thats when Karl Lagerfeld blurts it out, 'Its not being perfect.'

Yup, you got that right!!
Havent we all noticed how the out-of-bed hair have practically done round at all the designer runways, the nerdy glasses are cool, rugged denims are 'in', we love boys with stubbles, girls with moles, we love Coco Rocha for her ghostly-white skin and Naomi for her ebony tone, angyness for her androgyness tendencies and tyra banks for her voluptuos body!!

What is really imperfect? Its just one man's opinion against another?
So, go ahead love yourself the way you are and break the mould!
Enjoy fashion the way it was meant to be... experiment, innovate and outshine the Conformists.

Much Love! ;)
Words by Spardha, Shoot by HAIRSTYLE


poppy said...

Nice blog! and I am curious to know more about India if you are posting about it!!

Spardha Malik said...

hey poppy.. thanks!
i will post about india too!