Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paracetamol and Retail Therapy...

I know, while most of the working world enjoys a 2-day long weekend, I usually have just a sunday to look forward to! Today being an exception, I am lying in the covers, being as lazy as I wish to be, having already watched 3 movies back to back on the TV, you would assume I'd be exceptionally happy! well, guess what.. the only reason i'm home is 'coz I'm under the weather and am feeling totally sick. I'd rather get exhausted working than stay inside!! Life's not fair. It always throws at you, what you find least interesting.

My only hope is to be fine by tomorrow so i can accomplish the one thing that i have been looking forward to through the entire last week... Shopping! I know i'm ill and all but do I actually have to show you this whole research project that i worked on for past 5 yrs with some Russian and American scientists on the amazing results of Retail therapy? Now, Do I really??

Good, so back to my big shopping plans (strictly for medical reasons!)..
I intend on buying some really awesome stuff..

I was anyway going through some of the season's trends.. with the intentions of picking them, bending them or outrightly breaking them, solely to suit my mood!! But here are the ones i quite like :
People at make your life sooo easy!

The Black and White Trend: A cool easy to carry off trend! go 7o's polka dot way or geometric cubist way!!

The Brights Trend: I like Pop of color in small doses, preferably clubbed with the above trend!
Fuchia heels with a black ensemble or yellow converse with khakis! Keep it cool.

The Jungle Safari Trend :... this is one trend I can't get enough of!! Animal print graphics, Khaki and military prints, cottons and linens, Brown leather accessories. this trend i totally swear by!

The Metallics Trend: This is another trend that i like more in the accessories section. Metal studs, shiny bangles, biker belts.. you name it!

The Stripe trend :... This is a very versatile trend : Fine-Stripe french style ( a la Monsieur Picasso) or Big-striped nautical style ( a la Popoye the sailor!!). Have fun with this one!

Remember, trends are just guidelines.. work your look around them!! While I lie in bed with some paracetamol and shopping plans to keep me company, I hope you do enjoy your weekend!

Much Love! ;)

Words by Spardha, Images courtesy Style Bakery

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