Friday, August 7, 2009

Scarlet mouth, Salty tears and unforgivable beauty..

I just finished watching 'Changeling'. Honestly. the only reason I rented this movie was because I loved the DVD cover with Angelina looking quite classic wearing a hat and a Red mouth! A very silly reason indeed but it turns out, sometimes you CAN judge a book (or a film, in this case!) by its cover. The movie was every bit a classic as its cover assured it to be. The story of a lady fighting against the state to find her missing boy. Very beautifully pictured True story by clint eastwood.

But the one thing that really made me write this post is the way Angelina looks in the movie. Every single detail comes together and makes her look impossibly gorgeous. Its extremely sad that she is mostly just considered a 'sexy', 'fantasy' woman from 'Tomb Raider' In 'Changeling', she is magnificent beyond words... This movie is in the league of 'Malena', another one of my favorite movies.

I believe Angelina was born to be famous... how can somebody with that face remain unknown!?! She is the most unconvincing 'girl-next-door' there ever could be. Her spirit, her wild streak and her perfection is absolutely jealous worthy!

The styling is sooo incredible.. the smokey eyes, scarlet lips, the hats, the willowy dresses, heavy furs, mary jane shoes, boxy clutches... and best of all... her short, curly, side-swept hair!

Here are some scenes from the movie that only came close to doing justice to her charisma...

Much Love! :)

Words by Spardha, Scenes frozen from 'Changeling 2008'

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Dakota said...

I love her hair. Very 'I love lucy' mixed with Marilyn on a windy day by the beach with one hell of a bitching martini.