Sunday, August 2, 2009

How we used to be..

Its monday morning... my fever is gone, the new striped T-shirt I bought yesterday has already fetched me a lot of compliments and a new week has just started! I can't quite believe how small the weekend seems now, and also how faaaar off is the next weekend. But anyway, as long as the cold is gone, i'm happy to live with the hopes of another sunday.

By the way, did you know it was friendship day yesterday? I texted all my friends but couldn't meet anybody. thats awful, right? But I had the best time with every girl's best friend... Credit Card! (I know thats such a lame thing to say.. but lets just say I'm trying to console myself since most of my friends were in mumbai/gandhinagar/other planet gettin totally wasted..)

I thought it was perfect time to recall some of the 'defining' characteristics of few the most colorful friends:

Ms. Pretty in Pink... Her love for big prints and bright colors is probably world renouned as is the fact that her dad's a diamond merchant (haha .. i'm dead!). She watches movies alone, works for a BIG fashion magazine and changes her business plans probably 10 times a day and can cook up a 4-course meal for a crazy bunch of starved-college kids! (As for her name, well she's often been caught referring to herself 'pretty in pink' which she totally is!)

Mr. Big Words ... Mr. BW is the guy who was always asking too many (irritating) questions in the class and pissing off everybodywith his psuedo-brilliance! His jeans were perpetually half-way down his ass, and he was famous for being part of every-god-forsaken-event in college! No matter how much I hated him for his I'm-oh-so-fabulous-ness, I know he is fabulously talented and hard working and deserves every bit of the attention he gets (but if only he could keep his pants from falling!! ;)... )

Ms. Daredevil... If you dont notice her presence even after half an hr. of sitting in the same room, I won't be surprised. she's mastered the art of camouflaging into the back ground, but as soon as she makes her presence known... first thing you notice about are her have to be her attentive eyes and her sharp tongue! she's forever the partner-in-crime. seeking thrill, adventure and an easy way out!!

Ms. Avril Lavigne... She's so much like her alias.. total punk rocker with a mushy heart!! She's the 'girl' who hates being a 'girl', but is a total 'girl'.. (if u can figure that out, let me know.) She barks (literally bow-wow) louder than the li'l pet i gifted her, She drives cars faster and crazier than any loony-guy i ever met, she abuses more than i ever possibly could and yet she's just a mushy girl in hearts of hearts.

I hope you guys missed me as much as i missed you yesterday... and hope we get to meet soon.

I miss you guys... Happy friendship day!

Much love! ;)

Words by Spardha

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