Monday, August 10, 2009

Via Long Island..

Yes, I made it to another working week with a small stop at a local Pub and a couple of Long Island Iced teas(LIT)!! I swear, after watching 'the hangover' on the saturday night.. I couldn't wait to grab a drink!! (I know the moral of the movie points in the other direction... so, now you know How good my direction sense really is!!) So that's a sure shot way of getting a well deserved kick, after weeks of hard labor. (yes, u heard me...)

It was a totally awesome Sunday.. a nice flick (Love Aaj Kal), A sweet kick, loong drive and some junk jewelry shopping. I love a Mix of everything.. Especially mixing things that are completely the opposites! Like Ice cream and coffee.. (They call it Affogato at Barista), Rihanna followed by Iron Maiden on my car stereo, White Lacy top with a Studded Leather belt.. and an LIT followed by some Beer Guzzling... ahh the rush is crazy (and totally unadvisable... STATUTORY WARNING FOR THE FAINT HEARTED>>>DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!.. ) but worth the effort.


By the way don't Miss out on this awesome Non-conformist-friendly fash trend this season... Mixing the opposites ... Monochromatic with a pop of NEON, super casual Jumpsuits with sky rocketing heels, Tiny lacy dresses with Punk-y Black boots.. haha.. so much fun changing lanes!!

Anyway, so moving on to the bestestt buy EVER (well, ok.. maybe just for this week!) I bought this Gorgeous Yellow Multi-string Bead Necklace at a frigging awesome bargain price of 120 bucks...I looove craft fairs! I gotta work a desi-arty-chic look around it for the Indian Art Summit 2 which is happening soon. God, its one of those rare occasions that I'll be prepared for well in advance. (or so I hope...)

Anyway, Hoping your weekend was fun too and you survive this week just as well!
Next trip to Long Island is just a few days away..

Much Love ;)

Words by Spardha, Images by Bruno Dayan Photography

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