Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bigger is Better

Here's the new Vogue Post, you can check it out here :

Body Con is done and over with, its time burn them skinnies to ashes ‘coz the summer sun is out with all its fury. Bring out your Cropped blouses, baggy pants and super graphic prints as C√©linedictates the biggest trend of Summer. Big pants are flattering for almost any shape when styled right. This trend is the perfect mixture of comfort and fashion.

Whoever said fashion was unforgiving, never heard of Phoebe Philo.

So, are you wearing the BIG pants this summer??

Much love,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Party Girl

Andy Warhol: I wonder if people are going to remember us?

Edie Sedgwick: What, when we're dead?

Andy Warhol: Yeah.

Edie Sedgwick: Well I think people will talk about how you changed the world.

Andy Warhol: I wonder what they'll say about you... in your obituary. I like that word.

Edie Sedgwick: Nothing nice, I don't think.

Andy Warhol: No no, come on. They'd say, "Edith Minturn Sedgwick: beautiful artist and actress...

Edie Sedgwick: ...and all around loon.

Andy Warhol: ...Remembered for setting the world on fire...

Edie Sedgwick: ...and escaping the clutches of her terrifying family...

Andy Warhol: ...Made friends with eeeeverybody, and anybody...

Edie Sedgwick: ...creating chaos and uproar wherever she went. Divorced as many times as she married, she leaves only good wishes behind.


Edie Sedgwick: That's nice, isn't it?
Factory Girl Script

She had a poignantly vacant, vulnerable quality that made her a reflection of everybody's private fantasies. She could be anything you wanted her to be — a little girl, a woman, intelligent, dumb, rich, poor — anything. She was a wonderful, beautiful blank. The mystique to end all mystiques.
Andy Warhol, in The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
If you have the taste for really wierd cinema, nothing really like cinema, maybe just a slice of somebody's everyday life - you should watch Andy Warhol's movies (Poor Little Rich Girl) . Or you could always watch the Factory Girl to understand the twisted 6os and Andy Warhol's Superstars. It was a beautiful world - glamorous and yet full of grime.
Model - Avni Sharma, Styling/Photography- Spardha Malik 

Much Love,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cut It Out

Are you human?
Do you have legs?
Do you wear Jeans?
Is it summer where you're at?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you better have a damn good excuse to not cut that dowdy old pair of denims lying in the back of your closet into a super chic pair of shorts. And if you don't, well then get a pair of scissors, some sand paper and killer creativity and put it all to good use. Rip it, bleach it, shred it, go crazy with it. Coz this pair is gonna last you all summer...

Btw that gorgeous block printed scarf comes back with me from a recent trip to Rajasthan. Isn't it beautiful? Vegetable dyed and 100% Indian mul-mul. Scarves are so Major this season. That reminds me gotta do a post on it soon!

Much Love,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Free of Season, Sex and Statement

Rad Hourani Collection #6 from RAD on Vimeo.

Quoting Rad Hourani from an Interview I read in S Magazine :

I think looking natural and looking long and lean and modern - I think this can be adapted to a man and a woman in the same way....... I dont believe in that (gender definitions) at all. Its the same thing for me as country limits, language limits, relegion.

When I say "young forever" that doesn't mean I want to dress up as a kid...... I don't want to look like a club kid and I don't want to look like a grandma, I just want to look modern forever.

I dont belive that someone can be straight or gay or bisexual. I think we're all born completely bi and I think it's like an animal instinct. The way we grow up -- that's where everything gets established.

When I say (my clothes are) asexual, I don't  mean non-sexy. I mean more unisex, like its not gender limited. I prefer the word sensual to sexual. I think the word sexual is limited.

I think its lovely to experiment with no limits, and to just go all the way.... I find that some people at some point in their life learn to accept their attraction to the same sex, and stop their "conditioning" -- the way they've been conditioned.

(I'm) Allergic to trends. I'm just allergic to this mentality (of following trends). I'd rather have people who really get it without having to be told. Those people who support what you do from the beginning.

Oh, and I had Barbies all the time -- I was addicted. (laughs) I would dress them all the time, just dress them and make clothes for them... I was late every morning going to school because I'd be dressing them up.

I can never be inspired by sitting in a chair and telling myself that I have to sketch. I'll be on a plane, in a taxi, or at a meeting. Before sleeping, I always get up and have to put (a sketch) down.

I love when lines are close to each other. I like angular shapes. Yes, I love the rectangle. Maybe, because it's wider, it's more open. A square is very limited, and a circle is loo cozy. (Laughs) A rectangle is deep.

I don't believe in spring, summer, fall, winter. I believe in a world where you can wear anything anytime. I believe in layering. I make clothes to adapt to any season.

( about his Spring/Summer'10 collection) You know, I always sketch on the same canvas. I don't change the silhouette; it stays the same. I'm getting the tops bigger and the jackets tighter. The pants remain the same.

(about Love)
I fall in love in my imagination, never reality.

Just like his name, his label, his philosophies, and his designs - they are all so RAD.

Much love,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Underplay the Florals

Catch this post on Vogue.in too

I've been seeing florals everywhere - on runways, on high street, even sarojni nagar for screaming out loud. I'm not too into it and therefore came up with this post on how to wear it (if at all) without looking like a total bouquet!

If florals make you queasy here’s a how-to manual for the faint hearted:

1. Instead of running away on the ‘flower child’ wagon, pick a ditsy floral print
2. Pair it with a light cotton or denim shirt to break the monotony
3. Ditch the ruffles and tiers and pick details like exposed zippers or asymmetrical hems
4. Top it up with a cool headband or a butch bracelet
5. Black nail paint can also help underplay the florals

A good book, a picnic basket and a sunny day.... you’re all set for a day in the park!

Much Love,

Monday, March 7, 2011


Of all chic things that define us, have you noticed how BIG a part have electronics started playing? The purple Ipod, The blue VAIO, the lime green Blackberry, the Red Car.... You can have one look and KNOW the person. Ok, not really 'know' them. That would be creepy! you get the drift, right.

Anyway so recently when Samsung invited me to be a part of their focus group to do an Indian Color study for their line of refrigerators and other home appliances, I got super excited and happily participated. It was also a great opportunity to meet some other people from the 'industry,' each of them representing a different part of it - Fashion designing, Visual Merchandising, Photography and Fashion Buying.

The 2-person Product designer team from Samsung HQ, Korea was super excited to know about the the 'new' Indians. So long story short, lots of ideas and personal experiences were thrown across the table and we each were supposed to sum up our proposal in a color palette. Me, being a big supporter of bright colors advised them to come out with a range targetting the 'moving-out' young adults. A mid priced range of home appliances in Retro colors - Tomato Red, Mustard yellow, Sky Blue and White.

It seemed the fashion designers seemed to agee with my forecast and sighted highlight colors as another big trend. So if you see a color blocked refrigerator or a boring grey fridge with a cherry yellow handle and crevices, you'd know who thought of it!!

Thanks Samsung people for inviting me! It was a real pleasure!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've been away

Not Really, I haven't been away. I've just been lying on my ass and getting a lot of rest. No, it wasn't a lazy spell. I was genuinely unwell. A viral fever gone bad. How, you ask? You're being very interrogative today! Well turns out an anti-allergic they give you can cause an undesired reaction. And they say medical science is changing our lives. Okay, so I have been lying in my bed over last fortnight recuperating while you've been dolling up every day and living an awesome life. Not really? Life sucks either way, no?

So before I went ahead and got all un-chicly sick and stuff, I did do some fun stuff... coming up in next posts.

Did you miss me?

I know there are plenty of other blogs to keep you entertained, but didn't you feel even a slight itch. oh lets not talk about itches. Very bad memories there. I'm sure you missed me... just a little? I'm being needy. Its the anti-biotics talking, I swear.

Anyway, I've missed you... and junk food. you more .... obviously! (I got my junk food fix already :D)

Much Love,