Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Notes: Don't Judge A Book By Its Quotes?

As an occupational hazard, I find myself reading, treasuring and even worshipping the written word. There are some books that stay with you forever. I'm the kind of reader who can't read a book without a pencil in hand. I highlight the lines that move me. I scribble little notes on the margins when I'm so overwhelmed by a feeling that I must record it. Each book becomes a time capsule that I can revisit at a later point in life.

Other times I'm awake at odd hours of the night going through Pinterest, reading little quotes that help me find my next book to read. I admit that it isn't the smartest way of picking a book but you never heard anyone say that 'Don't pick a book by its quotes'.

Here are few of my favourite quotes that I've lately been in love with:


Therese Anne Fowler

Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Muse: GRACE SLICK

The front lady of The Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick is often referred to as the first female rock 'n' roll icon. Her vocals in 'White Rabbit' have been immortalised with a mention on Rolling Stone's Best 50 Songs Of All Time list. She epitomises the '60s wild child spirit. Here's a small throwback to celebrate the style of the baddest chick from the '60s. Go hit play 'Aerie' by Jefferson Airplane to fully understand why exactly she's still revered in the rock history.