Monday, September 20, 2010

Spotted at Forever 21

These hotties were spotted at the Forever 21 store launch. I just couldn't help going clickety click.
I may have forgotten to ask most of the names here but well then again 'what's in a name, a rose shall smell just as sweet,' no?

This girl was bang-on trendy with the high waisted denims with exposed zipper, the lace blouse, satchel bag, super funky wedges. You should have seen the no. of bags she was carrying!! :)

These 4 ninth graders are perfect example of how fashion conscious young India is getting!
Loved their style - short, smart and comfortable!

She is a Photographer. The kaftan dress could look super overwhelming on anybody else but she's carries it of so effortlessly! Specially with those delish Zara TRF shoes, no?
And that neon nail paint is the perfect finishing touch. 

Studs and florals - I always appreciate a cool mash up!

She must have spent an hour in the accessories section. It was fascinating to see somebody so engrossed with necklaces, hair bands... et al! 

Victoria is a musician. She plays drums and is British. All her tats were done in Brighton, UK. She has been collaborating with Indian DJs throughout past year. Her fave tat is the one on her back - pair of wings!

She is a kindergarten teacher by the day and a Jazz dancer by the evening... how exciting!!

Aki Narula - I love the way he wears a kurta with a cotton blazer and super awesome scarf.
Totally makes it work. He told me the scarf was a street side pick... I love it! 

It was so much fun meeting these people. I'm still a little shy at asking people if I could click them but Once I'm at it, the inhibitions quickly disappear.

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Forever Addicted

Another brand has arrived in Delhi which is sure to give a major kick to all fashion addicts. With 3 huge malls right next to each other, Vasant Kunj has turned into a major style peddler. All the trendy hipsters with no intention of giving up on fashion anytime soon walk in with their credit cards ready to swipe faster than you blink. The heady rush is only bound to double up with the launch of Forever 21. Style and affordability rarely go together in the same sentence but Forever 21 walk the line quiet perfectly. Don't get me wrong, its not as cheap as its American counterpart but defnitely just as stylish. For those who haven't made it to store yet, here's a sneak peak.


The enterance to the huge 10,000 sq metres store!

Very preppy collection on display

The yellow forever 21 umbrella was distributed to all the girls - absolutely free!

The insane rush at the cash counter! God, I did not dare to shop! Sooon enough, soon enough .. ;)

The In house entertainment was sure to keep the spirits up!

Oh the accessory section was the bestestestesteeest part of the store.!

Yes, they were serving water in case you were dying with all the shopping frenzy... smart people, eh?

Shoppers taking a break in between shopping courses.

The gorgeous collection, super friendly and helpful staff made it all worth it! :)

I met a  lot of very trendy shoppers and their general opinion was that the brand lives up to all the hype and expectations. the collection is very hip though the pricing is slightly disappointing. the stuff is especially going to be a hit with the younger crowd, i mean the teens and the collegiates!

Stay tuned for some more pics coming up in the next post!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whats your IQ?

I recently went for a Krishna Ballet performed at the Kamani Auditorium by one of India's best Dance/Drama troupes. I was absolutely spell bound by the sheer beauty and grandeur created on that stage. Music, lighting, scripting, performance.. everything was spectacular. But what caught my eye were the costumes.. they are so inspiring.. I can see them translated into a beautiful couture collections. And I'm not talking about embellishments here... the drapes, pleats of the skirted bottoms, the Shoulder/upper arm pads could be the next BIG thing. The sculpted shoulder armour is so unbelievably inspiring. Color combinations are unbelievable.
Even the make-up could work for a whacky Ramp look, no?
I hope somebody takes cues and gets cracking on their Indian Quotient!
Oh by the way, doesn't this remind u instantly of the Manish Arora hand Mudra collection??
Much Love,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

FNO 2010

The extravagance called DLF Emporio.

Warped web of multi colored threads creating a gorgeous Burst of colors.

Sari by Suneet Verma... The never ending sari covered the entire ceiling at the mall!

The Window Display at Emporio Armani. Loved the jackets here. Oh and the DJ playing inside and a bartender making yummy screwdrivers... ahhh it was perfect!

Morphe by Amit Aggarwal Shirts at Vogue's Pop-up shop.

The crowd around the Tarun Tahilliani A/W collection show. With no place to stand and things quickly depleting from the Vogue Steals shop... I skipped the show :P

The Skull chandeleir by Rajesh Pratap Singh at the Pop up shop, also seen on his ramp at Van Heusen Mens Fashion Week.

The 'Vogue' shoes by Nachiket Barve- Rs 300!!!

My friend Gavin trying on a Nachiket Barve Necklace. It was ridiculous. I'd be dead as soon as he sees this pic here!

The 'man purse' at Abraham and Thakore.

It was the last piece and this gentleman bagged it ;)

Anaita Shroff wearing the FNO Rajesh Pratap Singh Tee. While Priya Tanna was seen hanging out with Jackie Fernandez, why was Bandana Tewari missing in action?? hmmm...

Love how she brings this look together.

FNO was quite an exciting affair. With great discounts at Manish Arora, Marc Jacobs, LV and Armani.... A fabulous night with lots of colorful drinks, Great music, lots of fashion sighting, for once the soto speak fashion outsiders also found a way to plug into the elusive 'by invitation only' world of Fashion!
Congratulations Vogue for making it possible once again.
For those in Bombay, fret not, with LFW around corner.... you guys will have all the hipsters hanging around Juhu! ;)