Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glam Girls of Angola

I miss glamour. The old school way.. the big bouffant hair, the overworked eyelids, full lips, big jewels... yes, so Cannes and MET gala bring in few stunning looks off and on, I'm talking about the real life glamour. You know when women used to perm their hair at home.... actually, when curls were really 'in'. (have I told you how bored I am with the women who want to straighten their hair?)

Think of all the sexy secretaries of the 80's bollywood films. The curly hair bombshells who color matched their outfits. The time when earrings were never to be worn without a necklace or the shoes were always matched with the bag. the good old times when less was NOT more. More was still merrier. Curves were hot, sex was suggestive and disco was a cool word.

These ladies seemed right out of a time wrap and stood out amongst the  t-shirt/jeans clad women of Colaba. How glamorous are they even in their ridiculous kaftan dresses and the gorgeous golden jewellery. But what honestly blew me away was their meticulously done hairstyle. I wish we could put so much time into doing our hair. I would kill to wear BIG hair everyday!

While some of you may find this post disconnected with the present aesthetics, I can assure you gold accessories and big hair would be back in vogue with a vengeance.

Much Love,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I suck at math but love proportions

Notice how their hems go longer as their sleeves go shorter?

Notice how they are all wearing Indigo?

Notice their own individual simplistic style statements with minimum fuss?

Notice their super cute haircuts?

Notice how long I must have stared at this pic?

Notice how I must have followed them to the other side of the street to holler them while almost getting hit by a bus?

Notice how I just couldn't come up with a better post title?

Notice that its 2nd post in a day?

Notice how I typed 'notice' twice in a question?

Notice how many generic questions I can ask?

Notice how I want a haircut soooo bad and still refrain from getting one?

Much love,

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Me1: Imagine No Possession, I wonder if you can" said Lennon in his popular track. It overnight became an anthem of sorts. I sometimes wonder if you ever could leave possessions.

Me2: Forget leaving everything, even parting with the smallest of things, sometimes, is a heartbreaking process. Don't things we surround ourselves with, define us in a way?

Me1: No, Spardha, its all in the mind. You're too materialistic.

Me2: Are you serious? Isn't the smallest thing that you've ever picked up have a memory attached to it? Isn't it a horcrux of sorts? I always found the Hogwartian concept of Horcrux fascinating. Though I wouldn't go as far as to say that a part of your soul is captured in your possessions but don't they have some bitter-sweet memories attached, some hint of character?

Me1: You take yourself very seriously. You present life and your little toys. What do you do to nourish your soul?

Me2: Me1, you die now. I might plug you out.

Me1: You give too many Matrix/Harry Potter references.

Me2: Salim's mother was afraid of photographs, believing that they capture one's soul. Reference : Rushdie's Midnight's Children. I think its another rather extreme concept. For if it were true, I doubt if all of us with Facebook profiles would even have any souls left.

Me1: Get to the point.

Me2: I think you can tell a lot about a person by analyzing the things they surround themselves with. This may not be an accurate measure of anybody's personality but it sure is very interesting.

Me1: Sure. You have no hope.

Sizil Srivastava always surrounds himself with beautiful things. Being a one part Libran, he enjoys the arts. He can paint and sketch to an arguably medium skilled level. He reads when he has time, listens to music when he runs or is drunk. He unfolds paper shopping bags to sketch and paints on the reverse side. In fact, he can start sketching on pretty much anything. He was very attached to the guy who framed his art works and mourns his death. He is 26 years old. These are his 'horcruxes'

What are your Horcruxes?

Much love,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THAT white dress

Move over Duchess of Cambridge, your gorgeous Sarah Burton dress has hogged enough limelight, its time for everybody to take notice of this stunning White dress. I have spent last three days trying to find anything that looks remotely like that dress with no luck.

Lykke Li's childish voice has been largely appreciated around the world. Even I have fallen victim to the haunting notes and painful innocence evident in her style of music. ever since her first album 'Youth Novels' came out, she has been dominating the underground indie music scene. But its with her second album 'Wounded Rhymes' that she has gone more mainstream. the sound is mature, the video is a brilliantly shot short film and her screen presence is phenomenal. I'm pretty sure we'll see her in a movie soon.

Okay, so lovers and friends, please join forces and find that dress for me or anything that looks remotely like this dress. I'd be eternally grateful.

Lykke Li - Sadness is a Blessing (Director Tarik Saleh) from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

Much love,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bright Attack!

This is what I hate about working in fashion. I hate it, truly. I make up my mind that this is going to be my signature style (yes I spend a lot of time thinking about such ’frivolous’ things such as signature styles and personal statements) and there comes another season with its crazy truckloads of trends and dare-i-say fads. I shrug them off almost smugly thinking aah-kids-these-days and things-they-wear only to find myself obsessing about those exact things in a few weeks. Its mysterious how the appearance of the same things on the runways to blogs to magazines can completely alter your perception of things. So before I drift into my ‘loathing to loving’ cycle of clogs or culottes and take you through an elaborate account of everyday complex emotions, we would much rather deal into the serious matter at hand. Its about brights. Yes, the colours. Don’t let my blog deceive you, I’m a very grey-scale girl at heart (and wardrobe).

So, its rather disturbing that devious reds and mind-altering neons are making way into my accessory closet (ha, yes that’s what I call that ‘dump’ at the bottom of the TV cabinet.) I even went psychotic at the mall the other day looking for the orangiest lip color. I kept screaming ‘mirinda’ for reference. After 2 hour and more than 50 lipstick trials, I finally found the dreamiest orange at Chambor. My blissful moment was interrupted when my mum pointed out how its the exact same shade as my Tresmode espadrilles. Man, before my bright mania starts invading my apparel wardrobe (No more Prada, Jil Sander or Celine SS re-runs for me) I thought I’d spread out the word. How much longer do I have before the virus spreads?

Espadrilles from Tresmode.
Hand painted Bata Shoes from a Kala Ghoda stall, Bags from Pondicherry Flea

Much love,
P.S. - Brite is the Summer/Resort line of footwear by Tresmode. The graphics used in this post are from their latest catalog.