Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love of paper and Ink...

I wrote a letter today. Yes, not typed an SMS, not an e-mail but an actual hand-written letter!! i picked a pen and put it to paper to write a letter to my cousin sitting in hyderabad. Well Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and I wanted to post some Rakhis to him as he couldn't be here this time!

Really, when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Isn't it the sweetest thing to get a letter.. to think that some one wrote it (took the time to do that), pasted stamps and went to a letter box to post it to you and has been waiting ever since for a response? The effort, the long wait, the fact that it crossed so many miles to find itself in your hands... wow, that must feel really great! You see your name written on it, you turn it around to see who its from and start tearing it open, anxious to know whats inside?! The familiar handwriting, the love and warmth of words is bound to overwhelm you.

This reminds me of the few posted letters that my mum sent me while I was studying in mumbai... they were so beautiful and warm. These letters are real treasures that need to be stored somewhere hidden from everyone else (including you!) just so you randomly stumble upon them during your spring cleaning, with a fond memory, a big smile and a tiny tear..

On a seperate note, Don't you think the YSL envelope clutch is based on a similar sentiment?? It'll be even sweeter to get a letter in that envelope from that address (unaccompanied by a fat bill)!

Much Love! ;)

words by spardha, images by sally monster, Bob willoughby

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Broken Pearl string...

'As a Royal lineage, her grandmother passed on to Gayatri the three etiquettes of a maharani, — the most important among them was to "never wear Emeralds with a green sari because they look so much better with pink." '
In a sea of articles talking about the unearthly charms and beauty of Maharani Gayatri Devi, I found the above statement the most fascinating one...
Its a sad morning as an era of timeless beauty comes to an end. Maharani Gayatri Devi, A world renouned icon of unmatched beauty and grace, leaves behind her the memories of her grand palace soirees, dressed in her exquisite chiffon sarees, adorning her favourite string of timeless Baroda pearls, while sipping all she ever drank - champagne!
She always wondered that when a young lady could look so charming in pink or lilac, then why do girls these days choose to dress up as black crows?
Though she no longer lives to brighten up the palaces of Jaipur with her dazzling beauty or her aristocratic demeanor but she does live in our hearts as the woman who graces the cover of her autobiography ' A princess remembers' with the bow shapes lips and a faraway gaze - A Classical Style Icon!
She will be thoroughly missed!

Words by Spardha, Images courtesy TOI

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Somewhere back in time..

Yesterday, when I reached back from work, I saw Amulya jumping up and down from the bed loudly telling her friend, over the phone, about her first day in college.. She sounded so thrilled to not have to wear the same boring uniform, to not be asked to walk in a line, to not be told she had rules to follow. Simply put, she was so happy to have been finally treated like an adult!

Oh I look back at my time in college... was I really an adult? I definitely didn't dress like one!

Unless you compare me to a Hippie! :p As her conversation moved on to discussing her 'look' for the next few days.. I started recalling my favourite wardrobe pieces.

Its not even funny how my roomie used to threaten me that if I wore that Red printed Goa - top one more time, she would really burn it! Its still lying in one of the corners of my storage closet testimony to the fact that Madhur never did succeded with her evil plans..!

Infact, I must have commited the crime of the century, when I confidently walked into the Lakme Fashion Week venue wearing that top, complete with the yellow 'hare rama, hare krishna' stoll over some khadi Capris!

You should have seen the looks I got! Well, atleast I got noticed in a sea of Guccis and Pradas..

Those days were truely fabulous days.. I treasure them just as much as I treasure these souvenirs from the past. Maybe i'll actually wear them one of these days!

... Oh, who am I kidding?

Much love! ;)

Words and Images by Spardha

Of Red Cars and Yellow nails...

Selma Blair for Chanel

Rihanna sporting the yellow nails

Its a grey morning... i woke up to a beautiful, chilly, cloudy day! Just enough time to change my nail paint from a faint lilac to chicken yellow! Its such a perfect color to bring a sunny cheer to a cloudy day. My Green t-shirt and purple pumps look extra bright today.

On the way to work, I'm falling in love with the lush green trees and the shiny red cars. This is the weather that makes you wish you had a fast red car so you speed around the town splashing water everywhere you go! (I'll just have to make do with a grey one! pity.. )

There i go again floating on my cloud... heck, I've got heaps of deadlines to meet today! Finish sketches for the womenswear 2010 collection, pick out fabrics, check the samples... oh i'll have to leave the rain-romancing for a different day!

I'll just let my yellow talons busy on something other than this blog for a while..

Much love! :)

Words by Spardha

Monday, July 27, 2009

Drenched Thoughts..

Its raining right now. Bjork is blasting from my speakers saying something like ‘I play dead, it stops the hurting, i play dead, and hurting stops’ and I’m feeling quiet the same.. the long, long wait for rains finally comes to an end. The moisture laden earth invigorates every corner of the city as the summers very politely bid adieu... There’s hope, there’s life and there’s a reason to dream again of a cool, grey morning.

The rain drops lightly tease me as they find their way inside my window every time the wind blows. My mind finds it hard to focus on anything else.

The music in background is changing but my soul is on its own trip, enjoying the perfect harmony of nature. I dream of green pastures, bright colors, all seemingly brighter against the grey skies... the sudden thunder, cold flirty breeze and drenched body with dripping hair...The beaming smiles, the music of raindrops, the dancing of heartbeats – so many joys wrapped in the veil of rain!

Its calming just as its reckless, its fast and then its slow… it thrills and excites.. its like confetti falling from the sky.. like suddenly there’s a reason to celebrate!

Today, I want to wear the brightest rubber-boots, carry a rainbow colored umbrella, tote around a shiny plastic bag and off I go jumping in puddles and being silly all day!

Oh how much would I love a Miss Marc Vinyl clear tote on a day like today..... ;)

Much love! :)

words by Spardha, Beautiful shoot by jane.bird, Pragya Mishra

The Sinister

Ripped and torn right from the middle.
Burnt and bruised, whats left to consider?

Pleaded and screamed, this is a new level
Stitched the wounds, are you the forgiver?

Tarnished and rusted, I risked it all
Satan or God, for whom was i born?

Half way through a game unknown
Still waiting for the elusive dawn!

Words By Spardha, Shoot By Vogue Italia May 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Sweet Revenge..

I can challenge, delight and induce
its all upto your excuse
heighten my dose, i'll make u abuse
take some more, your conscience will fuse
Run away from me, try if u can
with every breath, your lungs - i will seduce!

Lover o'mine, an addict u are
i'll astound and confound, amuse and confuse.
Give me up, that can't be
The pleasure i give is not for free.
Surrender and pain i owe u as dues,
I become stronger as u reduce!

Many men have i slaved
For you're not the only one
Many men have i harrowed..
Every father, every son
The ones who surrendered, their lives - blurred
The ones who rebelled were shaken and stirred!

But no one escaped, my leashes so strong
Are you the one who'd prove me wrong?
Rise my child, 'coz now its your turn
Ignite me again, for u I'd burn...

As the night dissolves in the light of the sun
A mother will lose yet another son!

Words by Spardha, Amazing Shoot by Bruno Dayan Photography

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fashion for a Cause!

Wearing a uniform was never this much fun! Sheena shows you how you can be a true fashionista while also doing your bit to uplift the less fortunate. Go check out her unique project called 'THE UNIFORM PROJECT - 1 DRESS, 365 DAYS'!
The Uniform Project is a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India. At the end of the year, all contributions will go toward Akanksha’s School Project to fund uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in Indian slums.
Its a clever idea and fun to follow..
Check out my Favourite looks so far -
Day - 47
Day - 71

Day - 84

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I drift towards the bleak light..

'coz darkness I can't bear!
The shadows dance
& light enchants
I'm all wrapped up in fear..

The tingling down my spine,
the chilly breeze upon my cheek
My eyes strain, My hands search
I know I'm getting Near..

Heaving sighs, salty air,
the dew twinkles on the leaves,
rubbing against the flowers and thorns,
I'm crossing the garden, my dear..

Closer to the light, I stand at your door
Another step and I'll be there
One last breath and a gentle knock
And I let go of all the fear.

Words by Spardha, Shoot by Candace Meyer Photography