Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Red Cars and Yellow nails...

Selma Blair for Chanel

Rihanna sporting the yellow nails

Its a grey morning... i woke up to a beautiful, chilly, cloudy day! Just enough time to change my nail paint from a faint lilac to chicken yellow! Its such a perfect color to bring a sunny cheer to a cloudy day. My Green t-shirt and purple pumps look extra bright today.

On the way to work, I'm falling in love with the lush green trees and the shiny red cars. This is the weather that makes you wish you had a fast red car so you speed around the town splashing water everywhere you go! (I'll just have to make do with a grey one! pity.. )

There i go again floating on my cloud... heck, I've got heaps of deadlines to meet today! Finish sketches for the womenswear 2010 collection, pick out fabrics, check the samples... oh i'll have to leave the rain-romancing for a different day!

I'll just let my yellow talons busy on something other than this blog for a while..

Much love! :)

Words by Spardha


Shweta said...

I love yellow nails....evokes very strong reactions from every1.....nd i mean EVERY1...(colour blinds included)

Spardha Malik said...

wow so ur wedding gear oughtta be yellow, not red! wotsay??