Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Bizarre style awards

Okay I’m seriously sick of all the over hyped award functions – Grammy’s, Academy, Golden Globe… blah blah blah.. all the red carpets and fashion tips. So, I thought that its probably time I announced my own Award Function – The (absolutely bizarre) Style Awards

Mythological Chic - Male

Shiva, the hindu god of destruction/death has to be the hands down winner of the title – ‘Mythological chic’! He sports the Big Hair and Big Eye look and is always seen donning a leopard skin outfit and a cobra around his neck!! He even has a Trishul (the w-shaped weapon) Need I say more?? Check out Amy Winehouse in the shiva-inspired avataar.

Mythological chic - Female

Well the title has to be awarded to one of the most beautiful Egyptian queens (and we all know they’ve had many!) who’s been associated with beauty, style and power for centuries – Cleopatra. The extended eyeliner and the super straight hair with the forehead fringe, you have got to give it to the woman! Snake earrings are just the funk factor that gets her ahead of all the competitors. Check out milla jovovich sporting the same hairstyle as Violet in the action-packed sci-fi 'Ultraviolet'.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Fashion comes with a price tag (don’t we all know!!)but style… well that's a totally different story. A cool D.I.Y. tip for all of you young sporty fashionistas... try summer’s favourite look – Geek Chic !

Pick up a bunch of crazy coloured shoe laces from your roadside seller and use them to make a statement. It totally jazzes up your outfit and also adds colour to your otherwise ignored keds. I would recommend the colours of the season like purple and red on your basic sneakers, joggers or converse tie-ups. To add to your funk factor, you can also try colours like neon, lime and fuschia – totally fabulous colours for the dull and damp monsoons. For the li’l faint hearted, pink and turquoise can do the trick!

Match them with tall socks, preferably stripes or solids, in a contrasting colour and throw on your short denim skirt with a long T-shirt and you’d be the talk of the town (think geeky Velma from Scooby Doo – so totally geek chic!). Whoever said style was always about unpractical clothes and five-inch heels was just faking it).

So what is your favourite campus look this season?