Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rules are for City Kids...

...I'm too old-school to follow any,' he said to me. I was not surprised.
He didn't seem like the kind of guy who followed rules. He wasn't the rebellious type either, who would make his own. He was just a good-hearted jolly 'ol fellow. Share a thought or a tune, sit a while and he'll amaze you with his life's stories. Sounds like one of those Jack Kerouac characters. He was the ideal travel partener. Probably the last of the beat generation. Though I didn't know that then. It was a happy accident. He was 50, I was 24 and we had cultures, experiences, religions and what-nots-of the world dividing us. But that only promised a long, entertaining and very involving conversation. With a tune in his heart and a piano on his tie, his enthusiasm was infectious. Meet the Saxophonist/Harmonica player/Guitarist of the Big Bang Blues Band - Mark Mowry

Based out of Delhi, do not miss their gig if you come across one.

Much love,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where I lay my head is home

Deep within a valley, far away, rests a lake. Beautiful as any sight can be. With trees so green that it's hard to believe. With travellers coming together and musicians too. Their sound like pied piper pulling us in. Deeper we go, more mesmerising the sounds become. The deafening silence broken by melodic notes. If this isn't paradise, what is? Maybe the wanderlust is taking over me. Or, the rhythm is still lingering inside my head. I can't forget the three absolutely surreal days I spent at the little hamlet town called Naukuchiatal. My camera went into overdrive as did my trance-induced body. With every music genre being represented by some of country's best talents, it comes as no surprise that the music festival was named 'Escape.' An escape it certainly was!

Much Love,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colors of Colaba

This might seem random. Well, it is. I'm not sure if colors should inspire one anymore after the overload of them all throughout Spring Summer collections. I might be so sick of brights that I might just give them up once again. So why am I writing a post on colors, again? Why don't you think up a very smart reason and enjoy the pictures below. It has taken me over a month to post again. Why? Answer is Bombay. And lack of internet connection. And will. And that other smart thought in your head. But, I missed you.


Pencil color Artwork at The Attic

Earrings at The Attic

Building at Causeway
Furniture at Attic


Paan/Beetel leaf sweet

Plastic strap watches

Signage for the namesake export surplus shop

Shopping totes

 Much Love,