Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tendances - A/W 08

Soft Seduction

The Trend reports around the world sight this theme as one of the key looks for A/W 09.

The color palette is dominated by pink, lilac, aubergine, white, beige, grey and green.

The texture is soft and luxurious. satin, crepe, soft jerseys for apparel and sheep nappa, suede and light density leathers for bags.

The shape is slouchy and flowy with emphasis on drapes and material manipulation.

The accessories are smaller size and simpler in construction.

DENIMS for every mood!
Go denim crazy this season.
mix and match... be a collage of this seasons must-haves

Look 1 : FunK
Tinges of neon colors visible in accessories subdued by black... paired with dark denims!
Must haves this season: checkered long socks, a Bomber bag, a neon inner!

Look 2 : School
The modified old school look to fit ur everyday lifestyle :
Must Haves this season: black and white check shirt(think Tommy Hilfiger), comfy flat UGGs(boots) and a slouchy bag!

Look 3 : Trendy
Perfect look to flaunt while shopping or hangin out with the girls!
Must Haves this season: the hot shutter shades(so trendy!), A carry all bright yellow shopper bag, Fuschia pumps( atleast 3"!)


Quirky and fun, Colors and graphics,
stay loud and proud as you astound and confound!

Go grab some shutter shades(everyone from kanye west to paris hilton is wearing them!), anti-plastic fabric bags(in the seasons fave color : green), some crazy accessories (read a riot of colors) and stay stylish as u promote peace and spread awareness. Wow, being a stylish role-model was never so simple!!

Proud to be loud!

My loathings are simple: stupidity, oppression, crime, cruelty and SOFT MUSIC.
- Vladimir Nabokov

If so are yours, make sure you are seen in a pair of fitted drainpipes(or skinnyjeans) in Black, a loud Graphic -T(avoid black.. its to cliche'd), some really heavyweight leather shoes and a contrast belt(to add color). Carry a Bomber bag and u're bound to b noticed wherever you may roam!

Must CHECK OUT - the accessories available at HARD ROCK CAFE!! (every rockers faves!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Non Conformists

This segment is dedicated to the rare indian breed that bends the social fashion norms and brings new trends to surface while raising a few eyebrows.

Birth of a Revolution.

Gautam, Advertising Mastermind.
A mohawk and a statement to make.

Darshan, Designer - Noise Please .

Creating a Noise.

Nikki Duggal, Graphic Designer - Mixed Juice Design.

The woman's got spunk... Its all in the details!

Atul Sinha, Sculptor.
Jodhpurs, Shirt and a Safari Jacket.. sounds like a rebellious modern-day prince on hunt!

Effortless Chic

These few people were so awe-inspiring that it took a lot of courage to actually walk up to them and make them pose for a picture. Turns out that not only do they make Style look so effortless but so are the conversations.

Payal Shah Karwa & Vanika Choudhary, Out-Of-Home Media

Fruit Blast... the juicy shades of young fashionistahs.

Arti Singh, Polka Art Gallery Owner
Grace and Style at its best.

Rinku Suri, Asst. GM - CNBC TV 18

Burst of Colors and a Splash of Style!

Milia Santosh, Event Organiser

Simple, Practical and Understated Chic.

Vishal K Dar, Sculptor

His outfit looks as Organic as his smile.

Sasank Bemuri, Economic Development Exec.

Crisp white shirt, Khaki pants and Leather loafers??....

takes a whole lot of personality to carry off this one!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ethnic Roots

These are a group of people who were basking in the glory of their Indian ethnic awesomeness.
Purva, Artist
Azure and White.

Geetu Hinduja, The Fine Art Company
Grace and Style at its best.

Rini Dhumal, Artist

A riot of colors, patterns and jewels.

The better half of an artist and the whole Nine Yards of timeless chic.

Rajesh Bahl, Artist

Silver 'Husli' in the neck and a story to tell.

India Art Summit 08

When you get a single day off in the entire week, its so hard to decide on the ideal plan for the day. My lazy side screams for me to stay nicely tucked in the comfort of my bed till late noon but my hyperactive brain signals last day of the India Art Summit, the first of its kind at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The heart and mind battle for a few hours and I finally decide on getting into my most boring kurta and black denims, all set to be almost invisible in a crowd of heavily kohl-ed and khadi clad artists and art lovers(but what did I know!?!).

I picked up my Camera, just in case I get inspired by some piece of art and feel an almost desperate need to capture it. I was all prepared to appreciate art when I reached the venue and suddenly my agenda changed - The art appreciation was very conveniently taken over by my ‘Trend-Spotting’ self and turns out ... style still excites me more than Art.

Without losing much time, I started going around in circles observing the crowd and the unmentioned dress-code. I was so surprised to see so many radically different people with such individualistic sense of style under one roof, bound by the sole agenda – ART. The summit may not have turned out to be as fabulous as I expected but Style quotient was one sure thing that promised this Sunday plan would not be regretted.

I sincerely thank each and every one of the people featured here to be such awesome trendsetters in their own right.

Its time the fashion fraternity takes a few tips from the Arty-Chic community!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Bizarre style awards

Okay I’m seriously sick of all the over hyped award functions – Grammy’s, Academy, Golden Globe… blah blah blah.. all the red carpets and fashion tips. So, I thought that its probably time I announced my own Award Function – The (absolutely bizarre) Style Awards

Mythological Chic - Male

Shiva, the hindu god of destruction/death has to be the hands down winner of the title – ‘Mythological chic’! He sports the Big Hair and Big Eye look and is always seen donning a leopard skin outfit and a cobra around his neck!! He even has a Trishul (the w-shaped weapon) Need I say more?? Check out Amy Winehouse in the shiva-inspired avataar.

Mythological chic - Female

Well the title has to be awarded to one of the most beautiful Egyptian queens (and we all know they’ve had many!) who’s been associated with beauty, style and power for centuries – Cleopatra. The extended eyeliner and the super straight hair with the forehead fringe, you have got to give it to the woman! Snake earrings are just the funk factor that gets her ahead of all the competitors. Check out milla jovovich sporting the same hairstyle as Violet in the action-packed sci-fi 'Ultraviolet'.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Fashion comes with a price tag (don’t we all know!!)but style… well that's a totally different story. A cool D.I.Y. tip for all of you young sporty fashionistas... try summer’s favourite look – Geek Chic !

Pick up a bunch of crazy coloured shoe laces from your roadside seller and use them to make a statement. It totally jazzes up your outfit and also adds colour to your otherwise ignored keds. I would recommend the colours of the season like purple and red on your basic sneakers, joggers or converse tie-ups. To add to your funk factor, you can also try colours like neon, lime and fuschia – totally fabulous colours for the dull and damp monsoons. For the li’l faint hearted, pink and turquoise can do the trick!

Match them with tall socks, preferably stripes or solids, in a contrasting colour and throw on your short denim skirt with a long T-shirt and you’d be the talk of the town (think geeky Velma from Scooby Doo – so totally geek chic!). Whoever said style was always about unpractical clothes and five-inch heels was just faking it).

So what is your favourite campus look this season?