Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Somewhere back in time..

Yesterday, when I reached back from work, I saw Amulya jumping up and down from the bed loudly telling her friend, over the phone, about her first day in college.. She sounded so thrilled to not have to wear the same boring uniform, to not be asked to walk in a line, to not be told she had rules to follow. Simply put, she was so happy to have been finally treated like an adult!

Oh I look back at my time in college... was I really an adult? I definitely didn't dress like one!

Unless you compare me to a Hippie! :p As her conversation moved on to discussing her 'look' for the next few days.. I started recalling my favourite wardrobe pieces.

Its not even funny how my roomie used to threaten me that if I wore that Red printed Goa - top one more time, she would really burn it! Its still lying in one of the corners of my storage closet testimony to the fact that Madhur never did succeded with her evil plans..!

Infact, I must have commited the crime of the century, when I confidently walked into the Lakme Fashion Week venue wearing that top, complete with the yellow 'hare rama, hare krishna' stoll over some khadi Capris!

You should have seen the looks I got! Well, atleast I got noticed in a sea of Guccis and Pradas..

Those days were truely fabulous days.. I treasure them just as much as I treasure these souvenirs from the past. Maybe i'll actually wear them one of these days!

... Oh, who am I kidding?

Much love! ;)

Words and Images by Spardha


Anonymous said...

trust me Spartan....the top will come out soon......

Anonymous said...

trust me Spartan....the top will come out soon......

Madhur said...

sali abhi tak rakhe hain ... all trash over time, acquires vintage value
Iam not digging these archival wonders but not hating them either now!

Shweta said...

my my.....even i wore that RED THING a couple of times wen u left it over at mah place........ANCIENT WONDERS