Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bright Attack!

This is what I hate about working in fashion. I hate it, truly. I make up my mind that this is going to be my signature style (yes I spend a lot of time thinking about such ’frivolous’ things such as signature styles and personal statements) and there comes another season with its crazy truckloads of trends and dare-i-say fads. I shrug them off almost smugly thinking aah-kids-these-days and things-they-wear only to find myself obsessing about those exact things in a few weeks. Its mysterious how the appearance of the same things on the runways to blogs to magazines can completely alter your perception of things. So before I drift into my ‘loathing to loving’ cycle of clogs or culottes and take you through an elaborate account of everyday complex emotions, we would much rather deal into the serious matter at hand. Its about brights. Yes, the colours. Don’t let my blog deceive you, I’m a very grey-scale girl at heart (and wardrobe).

So, its rather disturbing that devious reds and mind-altering neons are making way into my accessory closet (ha, yes that’s what I call that ‘dump’ at the bottom of the TV cabinet.) I even went psychotic at the mall the other day looking for the orangiest lip color. I kept screaming ‘mirinda’ for reference. After 2 hour and more than 50 lipstick trials, I finally found the dreamiest orange at Chambor. My blissful moment was interrupted when my mum pointed out how its the exact same shade as my Tresmode espadrilles. Man, before my bright mania starts invading my apparel wardrobe (No more Prada, Jil Sander or Celine SS re-runs for me) I thought I’d spread out the word. How much longer do I have before the virus spreads?

Espadrilles from Tresmode.
Hand painted Bata Shoes from a Kala Ghoda stall, Bags from Pondicherry Flea

Much love,
P.S. - Brite is the Summer/Resort line of footwear by Tresmode. The graphics used in this post are from their latest catalog.


Pithsala said...

Oh, that colour! Makes me want to have candy. :D
Cute wedges.

Fashion Bombay said...

oooh KGF had similar bags as well, i wish i bought them :(

Aditi Bhalotra said...

I adore the wedges and the orange lipstick! =]

Drop by sometime,

The Lost Junkie said...

We have a lot in common- from shaving heads to fav orange lipstick!!!!!!!!