Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glam Girls of Angola

I miss glamour. The old school way.. the big bouffant hair, the overworked eyelids, full lips, big jewels... yes, so Cannes and MET gala bring in few stunning looks off and on, I'm talking about the real life glamour. You know when women used to perm their hair at home.... actually, when curls were really 'in'. (have I told you how bored I am with the women who want to straighten their hair?)

Think of all the sexy secretaries of the 80's bollywood films. The curly hair bombshells who color matched their outfits. The time when earrings were never to be worn without a necklace or the shoes were always matched with the bag. the good old times when less was NOT more. More was still merrier. Curves were hot, sex was suggestive and disco was a cool word.

These ladies seemed right out of a time wrap and stood out amongst the  t-shirt/jeans clad women of Colaba. How glamorous are they even in their ridiculous kaftan dresses and the gorgeous golden jewellery. But what honestly blew me away was their meticulously done hairstyle. I wish we could put so much time into doing our hair. I would kill to wear BIG hair everyday!

While some of you may find this post disconnected with the present aesthetics, I can assure you gold accessories and big hair would be back in vogue with a vengeance.

Much Love,

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Colaba?! *raises eyebrows*