Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whats your IQ?

I recently went for a Krishna Ballet performed at the Kamani Auditorium by one of India's best Dance/Drama troupes. I was absolutely spell bound by the sheer beauty and grandeur created on that stage. Music, lighting, scripting, performance.. everything was spectacular. But what caught my eye were the costumes.. they are so inspiring.. I can see them translated into a beautiful couture collections. And I'm not talking about embellishments here... the drapes, pleats of the skirted bottoms, the Shoulder/upper arm pads could be the next BIG thing. The sculpted shoulder armour is so unbelievably inspiring. Color combinations are unbelievable.
Even the make-up could work for a whacky Ramp look, no?
I hope somebody takes cues and gets cracking on their Indian Quotient!
Oh by the way, doesn't this remind u instantly of the Manish Arora hand Mudra collection??
Much Love,


Prutha said...

i did like to own one of those shoulder armors one wear on a white tee and jeans!!!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Great!!! Its our culture - Its ought to be great, isn't it Spardha.?

Style while roaming in Manori Beach
Guess this waterfalls location!!!

GB said...

I miss the kamaini theater.... :(