Monday, September 20, 2010

Forever Addicted

Another brand has arrived in Delhi which is sure to give a major kick to all fashion addicts. With 3 huge malls right next to each other, Vasant Kunj has turned into a major style peddler. All the trendy hipsters with no intention of giving up on fashion anytime soon walk in with their credit cards ready to swipe faster than you blink. The heady rush is only bound to double up with the launch of Forever 21. Style and affordability rarely go together in the same sentence but Forever 21 walk the line quiet perfectly. Don't get me wrong, its not as cheap as its American counterpart but defnitely just as stylish. For those who haven't made it to store yet, here's a sneak peak.


The enterance to the huge 10,000 sq metres store!

Very preppy collection on display

The yellow forever 21 umbrella was distributed to all the girls - absolutely free!

The insane rush at the cash counter! God, I did not dare to shop! Sooon enough, soon enough .. ;)

The In house entertainment was sure to keep the spirits up!

Oh the accessory section was the bestestestesteeest part of the store.!

Yes, they were serving water in case you were dying with all the shopping frenzy... smart people, eh?

Shoppers taking a break in between shopping courses.

The gorgeous collection, super friendly and helpful staff made it all worth it! :)

I met a  lot of very trendy shoppers and their general opinion was that the brand lives up to all the hype and expectations. the collection is very hip though the pricing is slightly disappointing. the stuff is especially going to be a hit with the younger crowd, i mean the teens and the collegiates!

Stay tuned for some more pics coming up in the next post!

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Vintage Obsession said...

This is so not fair , when will they get Bangalore-D. what you didn't buy anything ? why ?

Tanvi said...

Fun! Looks like a HUGE store! :)

Spardha Malik said...

Smrithi, I wanted to shop SO much but the mad rush around the cash counter was a major deterrant. There must be like 100 people around the cash counter.

On a working day, i'll raid the damn store :)

kty said...

i went there the first day it opened and was actually intimidated by the mad rush... then i want the next day and there was an even bigger rush...
i actually went on Monday afternoon and finally bought stuff...
it was crazy....but F21 is finally here YAYY!!

LiveLoveDressup said...

VerY fun post!
I feel like i was there!, n the purple lace top in the first photo is gorgeous!