Saturday, September 11, 2010

FNO 2010

The extravagance called DLF Emporio.

Warped web of multi colored threads creating a gorgeous Burst of colors.

Sari by Suneet Verma... The never ending sari covered the entire ceiling at the mall!

The Window Display at Emporio Armani. Loved the jackets here. Oh and the DJ playing inside and a bartender making yummy screwdrivers... ahhh it was perfect!

Morphe by Amit Aggarwal Shirts at Vogue's Pop-up shop.

The crowd around the Tarun Tahilliani A/W collection show. With no place to stand and things quickly depleting from the Vogue Steals shop... I skipped the show :P

The Skull chandeleir by Rajesh Pratap Singh at the Pop up shop, also seen on his ramp at Van Heusen Mens Fashion Week.

The 'Vogue' shoes by Nachiket Barve- Rs 300!!!

My friend Gavin trying on a Nachiket Barve Necklace. It was ridiculous. I'd be dead as soon as he sees this pic here!

The 'man purse' at Abraham and Thakore.

It was the last piece and this gentleman bagged it ;)

Anaita Shroff wearing the FNO Rajesh Pratap Singh Tee. While Priya Tanna was seen hanging out with Jackie Fernandez, why was Bandana Tewari missing in action?? hmmm...

Love how she brings this look together.

FNO was quite an exciting affair. With great discounts at Manish Arora, Marc Jacobs, LV and Armani.... A fabulous night with lots of colorful drinks, Great music, lots of fashion sighting, for once the soto speak fashion outsiders also found a way to plug into the elusive 'by invitation only' world of Fashion!
Congratulations Vogue for making it possible once again.
For those in Bombay, fret not, with LFW around corner.... you guys will have all the hipsters hanging around Juhu! ;)


GB said...

Spardha, i like the new layout! seems I've missed a few posts. My comments:

FW looks FUN!

Deal breakers: leggings as pants(Ouch!), sparkly leggings(double ouch) and the too much going on everywhere syndrome (your out of focus pick!)

I love the backdrop in the Ethnic lodge!--your potli bag--I want! (I used to have a rajasthani camel leather backpack back home in India--wonder where it is now?) The outfit is cauute! I miss fab india! :(

RepublicOfChic said...

Woman! Where are you in the pictures and what did you wear? I'm uber curious! ;)

Spardha Malik said...

Thanks GB!

Hon, I had a really packed day.. i wore my usual denims paird with the Rajesh Pratap FNO Tee. Oh the RED lips once again to the rescue.

Spardha Malik said...

Thanks GB!

Hon, I had a really packed day.. i wore my usual denims paird with the Rajesh Pratap FNO Tee. Oh the RED lips once again to the rescue.

Vintage Obsession said...

Ah what fun it must've been , this is so not fair . Shoes for 300!!!!!!!

Fashion Bombay said...

Hmmm what did you buy. Thanks for the insider view of the night!!!

Prutha said...

thats incredible... i love it ..i went out for FNO here too... its on my bday every yr./ much fun!!!

RepublicOfChic said...

Stalked you! So hot you are! :D

wobblinbetty said...

oooh I love this photos!!
Skull chandeleir is crazy! so rad!

Vogue_blogger said...

Fashion's night out india was one of the events that i was really looking forward to see. i just love indian fashion..very colorful, fun and shows the rich culture of the country.

Priya tanna, vogue india's eic is one of my most favorite editors of vogue world wide. She is a very intellectual woman filled with so many ideas for the indian fashion industry.

Nachiket Barve said...


I did scarves for the Pop up STore. The neckpiece and shoes arent mine!