Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deal Breakers

Two waists - Never wear a belt at hip with a defined empire waist shirt/dress or the otherway round.

Travelling 2 hemispheres. It can't be winter on the top half and summer on the bottom!

T-shirts are not dresses. Even if you've got the legs.

Out of focus - Too manny attention grabbers end up creating a confused look. Be focussed!

Leggings are NOT pants. Hell no!

Low waist and skinnes = super bad combo on guys.

Denims so tight can damage your goods. Boys, please note.

Jersey Rompers are not in everybody's best interest.

In general, Ponchos are ugly and look ridiculous but I may change my mind.

Denims aren't quilts. Avoid the patchwork.

This is NOT how you do a Business-Casual. Stick to a dress code!

Fanny Packs are for tourists and the elderly. No exceptions

Clashing two strong prints is tricky. More often than not, it doesn't work. Keep atleast one of them subtle.

Dont Break your body into multiple parts. It only stumpifies you.

Like I said above.

Never Hide. Highlights your assets - small waist, Long neck, Shapely legs... whatever. Do NOT wear a tent.

Two anti-fits rarely work. Get your proportions right - Anti- fit on top, fitted on bottom and vice versa.

All pics from Hel-Looks

Much Love,

P.S. - I know the posts are slow. I know I'm lazy. I'm working on it. Thanks for your lovely comments.

P.P.S - What are your Deal Breakers?


Vintage Obsession said...

This was funny , i would always look at street style pictures and wonder what people are thinking about the hideous outfits that get posted as fashion . Made me happy :)

Anonymous said...

denimpatchwork is hot !!! come out of ur well froggie