Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Notes: Don't Judge A Book By Its Quotes?

As an occupational hazard, I find myself reading, treasuring and even worshipping the written word. There are some books that stay with you forever. I'm the kind of reader who can't read a book without a pencil in hand. I highlight the lines that move me. I scribble little notes on the margins when I'm so overwhelmed by a feeling that I must record it. Each book becomes a time capsule that I can revisit at a later point in life.

Other times I'm awake at odd hours of the night going through Pinterest, reading little quotes that help me find my next book to read. I admit that it isn't the smartest way of picking a book but you never heard anyone say that 'Don't pick a book by its quotes'.

Here are few of my favourite quotes that I've lately been in love with:


Therese Anne Fowler

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