Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've been away

Not Really, I haven't been away. I've just been lying on my ass and getting a lot of rest. No, it wasn't a lazy spell. I was genuinely unwell. A viral fever gone bad. How, you ask? You're being very interrogative today! Well turns out an anti-allergic they give you can cause an undesired reaction. And they say medical science is changing our lives. Okay, so I have been lying in my bed over last fortnight recuperating while you've been dolling up every day and living an awesome life. Not really? Life sucks either way, no?

So before I went ahead and got all un-chicly sick and stuff, I did do some fun stuff... coming up in next posts.

Did you miss me?

I know there are plenty of other blogs to keep you entertained, but didn't you feel even a slight itch. oh lets not talk about itches. Very bad memories there. I'm sure you missed me... just a little? I'm being needy. Its the anti-biotics talking, I swear.

Anyway, I've missed you... and junk food. you more .... obviously! (I got my junk food fix already :D)

Much Love,

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