Monday, March 14, 2011

Free of Season, Sex and Statement

Rad Hourani Collection #6 from RAD on Vimeo.

Quoting Rad Hourani from an Interview I read in S Magazine :

I think looking natural and looking long and lean and modern - I think this can be adapted to a man and a woman in the same way....... I dont believe in that (gender definitions) at all. Its the same thing for me as country limits, language limits, relegion.

When I say "young forever" that doesn't mean I want to dress up as a kid...... I don't want to look like a club kid and I don't want to look like a grandma, I just want to look modern forever.

I dont belive that someone can be straight or gay or bisexual. I think we're all born completely bi and I think it's like an animal instinct. The way we grow up -- that's where everything gets established.

When I say (my clothes are) asexual, I don't  mean non-sexy. I mean more unisex, like its not gender limited. I prefer the word sensual to sexual. I think the word sexual is limited.

I think its lovely to experiment with no limits, and to just go all the way.... I find that some people at some point in their life learn to accept their attraction to the same sex, and stop their "conditioning" -- the way they've been conditioned.

(I'm) Allergic to trends. I'm just allergic to this mentality (of following trends). I'd rather have people who really get it without having to be told. Those people who support what you do from the beginning.

Oh, and I had Barbies all the time -- I was addicted. (laughs) I would dress them all the time, just dress them and make clothes for them... I was late every morning going to school because I'd be dressing them up.

I can never be inspired by sitting in a chair and telling myself that I have to sketch. I'll be on a plane, in a taxi, or at a meeting. Before sleeping, I always get up and have to put (a sketch) down.

I love when lines are close to each other. I like angular shapes. Yes, I love the rectangle. Maybe, because it's wider, it's more open. A square is very limited, and a circle is loo cozy. (Laughs) A rectangle is deep.

I don't believe in spring, summer, fall, winter. I believe in a world where you can wear anything anytime. I believe in layering. I make clothes to adapt to any season.

( about his Spring/Summer'10 collection) You know, I always sketch on the same canvas. I don't change the silhouette; it stays the same. I'm getting the tops bigger and the jackets tighter. The pants remain the same.

(about Love)
I fall in love in my imagination, never reality.

Just like his name, his label, his philosophies, and his designs - they are all so RAD.

Much love,

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