Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Party Girl

Andy Warhol: I wonder if people are going to remember us?

Edie Sedgwick: What, when we're dead?

Andy Warhol: Yeah.

Edie Sedgwick: Well I think people will talk about how you changed the world.

Andy Warhol: I wonder what they'll say about you... in your obituary. I like that word.

Edie Sedgwick: Nothing nice, I don't think.

Andy Warhol: No no, come on. They'd say, "Edith Minturn Sedgwick: beautiful artist and actress...

Edie Sedgwick: ...and all around loon.

Andy Warhol: ...Remembered for setting the world on fire...

Edie Sedgwick: ...and escaping the clutches of her terrifying family...

Andy Warhol: ...Made friends with eeeeverybody, and anybody...

Edie Sedgwick: ...creating chaos and uproar wherever she went. Divorced as many times as she married, she leaves only good wishes behind.


Edie Sedgwick: That's nice, isn't it?
Factory Girl Script

She had a poignantly vacant, vulnerable quality that made her a reflection of everybody's private fantasies. She could be anything you wanted her to be — a little girl, a woman, intelligent, dumb, rich, poor — anything. She was a wonderful, beautiful blank. The mystique to end all mystiques.
Andy Warhol, in The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
If you have the taste for really wierd cinema, nothing really like cinema, maybe just a slice of somebody's everyday life - you should watch Andy Warhol's movies (Poor Little Rich Girl) . Or you could always watch the Factory Girl to understand the twisted 6os and Andy Warhol's Superstars. It was a beautiful world - glamorous and yet full of grime.
Model - Avni Sharma, Styling/Photography- Spardha Malik 

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shooting star said...

andy warhol just used the poor girl for his movies and then dumped her unceremoniously!!!