Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cut It Out

Are you human?
Do you have legs?
Do you wear Jeans?
Is it summer where you're at?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you better have a damn good excuse to not cut that dowdy old pair of denims lying in the back of your closet into a super chic pair of shorts. And if you don't, well then get a pair of scissors, some sand paper and killer creativity and put it all to good use. Rip it, bleach it, shred it, go crazy with it. Coz this pair is gonna last you all summer...

Btw that gorgeous block printed scarf comes back with me from a recent trip to Rajasthan. Isn't it beautiful? Vegetable dyed and 100% Indian mul-mul. Scarves are so Major this season. That reminds me gotta do a post on it soon!

Much Love,


Namrata said...

I love the shoot!!! and the combination of the mulmul, white shirt and bleached denim... classic! love it!


Indu said...

I Like the model in the photo shoot more than the mul-mul scarve from some freaky place in Rajisthan.. BTW where exactly do you do these photoshoots ??? ;-) ;-)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Just noticed your comments in Grazia! Kewl!!
And this outfit is fab!!!!!
Fashion Panache - Patiala Salwar Bottoms

shooting star said...

am luving the whole luk!!!
the scarf is beautiful!!!!

Shriya said...

I need to come India soon and when I come I have promised myself that I will bring an empty suitcase with only a sock inside (if thats possible) =)
Lucky girl you are to live in India!!!