Monday, March 7, 2011


Of all chic things that define us, have you noticed how BIG a part have electronics started playing? The purple Ipod, The blue VAIO, the lime green Blackberry, the Red Car.... You can have one look and KNOW the person. Ok, not really 'know' them. That would be creepy! you get the drift, right.

Anyway so recently when Samsung invited me to be a part of their focus group to do an Indian Color study for their line of refrigerators and other home appliances, I got super excited and happily participated. It was also a great opportunity to meet some other people from the 'industry,' each of them representing a different part of it - Fashion designing, Visual Merchandising, Photography and Fashion Buying.

The 2-person Product designer team from Samsung HQ, Korea was super excited to know about the the 'new' Indians. So long story short, lots of ideas and personal experiences were thrown across the table and we each were supposed to sum up our proposal in a color palette. Me, being a big supporter of bright colors advised them to come out with a range targetting the 'moving-out' young adults. A mid priced range of home appliances in Retro colors - Tomato Red, Mustard yellow, Sky Blue and White.

It seemed the fashion designers seemed to agee with my forecast and sighted highlight colors as another big trend. So if you see a color blocked refrigerator or a boring grey fridge with a cherry yellow handle and crevices, you'd know who thought of it!!

Thanks Samsung people for inviting me! It was a real pleasure!

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Wow! :) Congratulations on the feat :)