Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Avant Garde Tribe, Andhra Pradesh

For lack of a better name (or actual information) I call this Andhra Pradesh tribe the Avant Garde tribe. Why? Find out for yourself -

With that kind of costume, you could inspire super heroes... Look at those Power Shoulders (and you thought only Lady Gaga could pull them off!) The insanely oversized necklaces and those ear masks?! The blue and white layered tunic/maxi looks perfect for summers.

The Drum chest brace! I dont think thats really part of the outfit but it could be an interesting styling accesory for a runway look! 

I know its hard to focus away from the lady's cracked heels but the simplicity of a single strand Rope and bells (Ghungroos) anklets is rather gorgeous. Remind me again why did we stop wearing anklets. Such a discreet little understated accessory!

The Tribe's men wear the three strand anklets. Well since they are performers, the extra sound must come handy! I think they are gorgeous.. Somebody please use them for shoes... Its such a delight to see men wearing accessories!

This brings me to the final and most inspiring sighting of the tribal attire... The Bell shorts. Dude, Look at those. I want one of each. the colors, the contrasting fabric strips, the tiers of oversised bells. I waant them SO bad. If these men understood any hindi or English I would have asked them about their village but no such luck.

Also do you notice that fringe thing hanging from the crotch? These guys are so awesome.

Anybody who knows where this Tribe is from exactly in A.P. or anything else about them, please do lemme know!

Have a killer day!

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Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Remembering my shots of the door-to-door nomads in Chennai. Here it is

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shooting star said...

wat a name..avant garde tribe :D

wobblinbetty said...

amazing inspiration!! loving the unckle strings!

L1L2 said...

this is a killer post! damn those heels... very poetic with your words on the ghungroos and the cracked heels. but enjoyed your posts lately (been a while we visited here...)