Sunday, August 23, 2009

Broken heART

the new age mantra?

While the upcoming art frat is revelling in its speedy recovery from the world-wide recession, it seems they have quite lost the magic. When you enter a gallery, you expect to be intrigued by pieces that force your mind to think beyond the obvious.. to look for a deeper meaning, to search the soul of the creator or atleast be captivated by the sheer brilliance of the effort put in by the artist. The art summit was something out of the ordinary. I chatted up a couple of notable senior artists and it was very evident in their eyes that the new-age art, the digital media and the heavily photo shopped images were nothing more than an eyesore.. the commercialization has found its way in the reserved walls of Art… Such a shame.

Not that experimenting with new age media or digital techniques is anything wrong, only that its India Art Summit!! It was like appetizers served instead of a four course meal! Its like prĂȘt wear featured at a couture show.. oh its just heart-wrecking.

The Modern Art has found its soul in materialism, I over heard an artist saying. The youth, I’m quite certain, must relate to this form of art. The rise of 'Direct' art… the art that has shed the veil of mystery. Its as easy as reading a comic strip or an SMS.

Anyway, a theme that seemed to inspire many artworks was pop art.. with mix media, bright colors, merging of text and images it was quite an interesting spread!

All in all, it was art with a new flavour, it may not be my favourite flavour… but who knows it just might take a little getting used to (or better still it might just be a short lived fad … I so hope!) Anyway enjoy following things that stood out (for better or for worse)…

Do click on the images to enlarge them!!

The dilemma

Silhouette of art?

Corny Cute

Mick Jagger inspires art in 21st century?

Cine art!

Puzzle or pixels

Princess Pea, the toon headed girl is a new age art character!!

wearing art on his sleeve, literally!


Grace and style...

Hope of color

Salvador Dali's Guitar.... oh what a thrill to play it..

The Big picture..


Art Imitating Fashion Or the other way round? - the camouflage..

Breaking the Mould!

Much Love ;)

words and images by spardha

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