Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Chaos!

When you have tonnes going through your mind, its almost impossible to 'Think' about what to write for your day's post. Most people find themselves totally jaded at the end of the day... Not me! I love chaos.. in a way, i love when lots is going on around me.. you know when everybody is too busy to see you smile a l'il extra, to lose track of conversations others are having with you only to completely lose yourself to ur own realm of thoughts. Its a great feeling.. a l'il claustrophobic on a tense day but completely in tune with your enthusiasm on a happy one.

I spent most of the last night's sleepless moments listening to Bruce Springstien and Floyd.. and planning my trip to bombay. All this, with lights turned off, music on an acceptable volume, lying half asleep, with eyes wide open, conscious, subconscious ... all working together to come up with ideas for a perfect vacation (which is still 2 weeks away!) Strangely, my ideas are interrupted by a phone call. Its Ms. Daredevil on the line.. my partner in crime, once again.. we travel to bombay together.. and live like the wild teenagers once again (if only for a week!)

I've made small notes in the corner of my mind... all scribbled on mental post-its:

  • Must drink tonnes of wine and old monk! (at Toto's, Hard Rock and Leopold's)
  • Must pay homage to good old colaba flea market
  • Must catchup with ALL my friends (extra time to dorky and porky!)
  • Must spend half the time dressed like a hipppie (and do hippie things too ;))
  • Have a brunch at Red-box!!
  • Make up for the biggest fashion faux-pas at Lakme fashion week by dressing up more sensibly this time (If Ms. pretty in pink gets the pass arranged!)
  • Ferry ride at the gateway
  • Add more things to the list over next 2 weeks...

Any suggestions anybody?? lol

Much love ;)

Words by Spardha Image by Shannkat


Cypriotchick said...

thanku for the cute comment and an idea for ur trip would be to spend an unreasonable amount of money on one thing that catches ur eye like a pair of shoes or a sequined lapeled blazer :D


nicole addison said...

haha you are adorable! i love this post and i love how you explained the chaos that goes on in our minds. i love to think of it this way. have so much fun on your trip, sounds amazing!

alissa said...

im with you! im energized by being busy.
you can sleep when you're dead right?! :)