Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost in Train-slation!!

Oh.. In between refreshing the website a zillion times and calling and confirming with 10 different people on phone.. I think I'm gonna go mad! You must be wondering what's going on? Well, nothing much except that I have 3-day long weekend this time!!!! And my friend Shweta is back at her beautiful hometown - Agra, just 3 hrs away!! There just couldn't be a better timing, I tell you. If only, getting a Train reservation was so easy at the very last minute... oh, i'm fretting.. travel agents are giving up, railway website is startin to say, ' No, Ms. Malik, we forbid you from having fun in Agra!!' What am I going to do?

If only I could just fly to The Taj Mahal.....

I know.. I'll take a bus... AC bus, please?? c'mon.. the travel agent says its not possible.. oh i dont wanna rot here for three days. Its the independence day weekend for screaming out loud.. I'm gonna protest.. as a citizen of this great country, I've a right to travel. I think I'm losing my mind. Anyway, I cant wait to pack and leave... I'm so excited. Dont despair, I'm gonna get lotsa pictures and stories to share for you... If only I get there!!

Pls. forgive my silly doodles :)

Much Love! ;)

Words and Super Silly Doodles By Yours Truly!!

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