Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I hope its Infectious..

There are days.. very few days every once in a very long while when nothing can go wrong.. You think that you've gotten up late.. but somehow find time to dress up just perfect after managing to shampoo, condition and style your hair and yet find yourself in your car in perfect (record-breaking) time! Magical, ain't it? you drive along thinking 'oh my god, all this dressing up for an exhausting drive to work'... but the universe conspires to give you a Green Light Day.

This is one of the rarest and most auspicious day in the life of a perpetually late urban gal! When the traffic magically parts ways to give you a clear path.. when your car touches 80 on an otherwise snail speed traffic zone! when the sun shines just perfectly as bright as your smile and everybody loves your new hair-do... oh why cant all days be just as smooth as this one. you check your mail, an invitation to the class reunioun and a excuse to plan a trip to bombay for a week filled with fun. (in my head... 'i got a feeling.. that tonight's gonna be a good night..yeah yeah' is playing on a loop)

Its all so surreal.. even my footsteps are catching on a rhythm, i'm loving the work.. my boss is on a day off.. Oh, its a good good day... I hope the cheer spreads to all who read this today!

On a day like today
The whole world could change
The suns gonna shine
Shine thru the rain
On a day like today
Ya never wanna see the sun go down
Ya never wanna see the sun go down

- Bryan Adams

Tons of Love ;)

Words By Spardha, Images by Gabi

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Meg Fee said...

mmmmm, infectious indeed! my day as not been like this, in fact, quite the opposite, but i will persevere!

thanks for your oh so lovely comment on my blog!