Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Others....

Yes, well, its true that I don't understand men. But before you start thinking that there's something brewing on my 'Singleton' status, let me assure you that there isn't!! My boss accidentally sent me a mail regarding the development of a new menswear line for the S/S-10 season. I simply laughed it off and sent an immediate reply pointing out his mistake. He called me to his office.

I was unsure as to why was he smiling when I entered. He asked me to take a seat and showed me piece of paper with some guitar notes scribbled all over it. He said that he had gone for a concert the week before and hence was driven to dust off his old college Guitar to put his strumming abilities to test, once again after so many years. I was quite surprised that a he could even find time to practice guitar.

He hadnt been much of a guitarist back in day, so starting now wasn't exactly a great idea according to me. But he told me that while I was travelling around agra for three days, he was sitting with his guitar and the notations, practicing with full commitment to finally nail the track, which he did!! Woah, I was totally impressed.. well no wonder he's where he is and i'm just a lazy bum!

then he finally got to the point. he said that while its good to know your strengths and weaknesses, its actually very bad for a creative person to get stuck in a comfort zone. I totally revolted, pleaded and finally agreed on giving it a shot (only on trial basis)! I was so sure that i'm gonna mess it all up and will finally prove my point that I'm not comfortable with such a drastic change. I left for home and forgot all about it. Today, in the morning when I picked up the newspaper, I saw this really cute ad. It was about this local salon changing its interiors, layout and servives. Right in the middle of the ad it read in bold letters 'If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies!'

I just smiled and got ready to take up a new challenge. But the problem still remains... I dont understand men!

Much Love! :)

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