Monday, August 31, 2009

Tea.. not for me!

Yesterday, I went to a Life and Space Photography exhibition, put up by some veteran indian photographers. The exhibition was amazing! I'd taken my camera along to capture the day and felt rather foolish clicking in front of the masters...

The day turned out even better than I'd expected.. Besides a few good shots (which I intend on sharing in the days to come), I found Delhi's most beautiful l'il 'Chelmsford Club' which finds it existence way back to the days of British raj.. It was a beautiful experience to get served by butlers (not waiters!) while sitting under high domes and crystal chandeliers eating out of the finest china and silverware in the Tea Lounge. Such a gorgeous place located at the heart of the city, stone's throw away from the presidential residence... Its bound to make you feel like royalty yourself! (Sadly, its Members only!)

The irony.. I ordered fresh lime soda and french fries (at the Tea Lounge) while the pretty ladies were having earl grey with tiny sandwiches...!
Much Love!
Words by Spardha, Illustration by pomegranates

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alissa said...

ooo sounds like a great place! id like to be served by a butler :)