Friday, August 21, 2009


....Thats the place, the ever-elusive place, where the two things that I love so much 'art and fashion', come together in perfect tandem, where mind, body and space... all stay stimulated! Don't ask me for its address because its just a mental space that i've created for myself.
I called up my dear friend Pretty-in-Pink and asked her what does she think of fashion and art. the conversation got very interesting with our mixed opinions.
She thinks .. they are both mediums of expression and reflect the state of mind of the creator.
I think... Both of them have turned into a business these days.
She thinks... Both of them also get inspired by the world around them and are influenced by cultural, political and social beliefs and crises too.
I think.... Art is naked truth.. it stands there with all the dirt, grime and finer details, while fashion is a dream.. glamour, style and charisma.
She thinks... 'Art' is fashion for space and 'Fashion' has always been the art for body.

(a lot of other, rather strange tangents that we touched.. that I wouldn't find fit to share with you!)

We both finally come to the conclusion..... 'when the two come together the effect is (to say the least) quite magical'! So lets not draw the divide between two but bridge the gap that exists. We could all use some inspiration from one another, right? So welcome to Artopia..

I'm so full of love of art because today is the day I visit The India Art Summit 09!
The second edition which will also be featured on my blog.

While I go have a date with the arts finest, i leave you here with some images of a shoot done by Nordstrom that brings together artist Robin Toledo who painted 20 by 30 foot walls that form background to the models donning the gowns styled by the fashion masters - Dior, Cavalli etc...

For complete story, visit Trend Hunter

Much Love ;)
Words by Spardha

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Eliza J said...

Wow, beautiful images! That bird on the girl's ankle makes me want to consider a tattoo! xxx