Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is bound to be the stuff the sci-fi novels and movies are made of! I went forward in time ...9 yrs to be precise..!! You don't believe me? Oh, then you better read further and find out for yourself.

I saw this awesomely, accomplished, hot, beautiful, woman - so totally content with herself that she didn't need a ring around her finger, but obviously she did have an awesome boyfriend in tow! Also she was soo damn hot that an 18yr old was totally hitting on her. I dont blame him.
Well i'm sure if you do know anything bout me you would have guessed that this woman was indeed ME at 31. Wow, I grew up to be almost like Carrie Bradshaw... so fabulous and accomplished. Okay, so I did turn out quite well.

Now, down to the REAL story... this 18yr old found my blog sometime back and kinda added me onto his friendlist. I added him confusing him with another friend with the same name. We started talking when I came online today, only to find out that he wasn't who I thought and somehow the conversation continue. He assumed I was and older woman... (and I didn't exactly correct him.. actually I pointed him in the other direction).. So I played on for cheap thrills (Oh c'mon now, don't judge me... It was a really boring day.. I didn't even feel inspired enough to write my blog entry today)

So, instead of getting discouraged with all my 'oh you're just a kid' remarks this guy starts proving me wrong. I had a really interesting conversation laced with a tinge of flirtation... was left really amused.

I really hope there are more 18yr olds around the world, like this guy, who really act mature and know their way around words while talking to a LADY! And I also hope that I turn out just the way I saw (or pretended to be) myself today.... Happy, Successful and Independent (and Hot).

Can you also believe the co-incidence.. I ended up watching '17 again'... not that this movie is anything worth writing home about but what I learnt today is that life doesn't give you any second chances ... so you better make the most of today and have no regrets when you look back.
Now that I'm traveling back a decade.. I better be prepared to be everything that I can be to meet my 31 yr old again.. and find her exactly the way I saw her today!

And thank you Mr. 18-yr old ADULT... and my sincere apologies for messing with you!

Much Love ;)

Words by Spardha and Images By Stefano Libertini Protopapa

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