Monday, September 21, 2009

You spin my head right round...

Yes, I've been away for a long while and Yes, I missed you all soo much!!

I was so busy during the days building up to the Bombay Trip that I just couldn't leave you guys a note. My apologies for being so careless. And while I was ticking off my things-to-do-in-bombay list the first 2 days of my travel, I realised that the whole idea feels kinda sad when you have a 'list' to live up to! So my list was gone and my arms were open to embrace whatever great 'totally spontaneous' idea that may walk my way... I ended up doing way better and a lot more than all that was on my stupid list!!

The trip was very introspective (surprisingly!) ... The old things that you get used to... Change!
The favourite places.. change, people you love... change, people you think you love... also change, some for the better and some for worse. I made a trip back to college, the walls I spent 4 most significan yrs of my life in, also changed... I yearned for somebody to scream out my name or give a high five or flash me a smile of recognition, I wondered if any of those trendy hipsters was one of my old friends or if the tall cutie walking down the steps was an old crush... But I was only left feeling silly and Out-of-place and totally unrecognised.

Other than that, thank god for my awesome friends, I had a crazy time partying, shopping, whiling away evenings gossiping or playing dress-up-for-the-fashion-week (which I did squeeze in on the very last day of my trip), Driving around the town... falling in love with the city more and more with every passing day and dreading the last day of the magical week!

A whirlwind of a week, a dizzy sweet nauaeous after-glow of totally enjoying the ride!!
I love bombay and I absolutely love my Friends... If it wasnt for them I wouldn't be half the freak I am (I wud only be a complete freak)!

Play that again..... 'You spin my head'....... .... .... (its the background score of the last one week... It was playing everywhere.... at the club, in the car, in 'The Ugly Truth', in the Fashion Week and in my HEAD)!!

I'm back to being a good blogger now. (I promise)

P.S. .... what did I miss??

much love.


Deeps!! said...

wow! i just wrote about how friends n ppl change in my post, and i read urs!! :D I love bombay too! like ur blog loads!!

alissa said...

you'll have to post pictures - its always a place i wanted to visit!

workhard said...

Still have to visit bombay.. thats on my to do list.. heard its a cool city..

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Shweta Minocha said...

baby u spin mah head right round...round round ROUND ROUND....times fly with you around...miss yah loads