Sunday, September 6, 2009

Check List..

Random to-do list for the weekend (that I accomplished)...

1. Go on a drive longer than 50 kms in my car, on my own (for the first time!)

2. Get the courage back to drive my dad's Civic (after nearly crushing it a year ago)

3. Try something new at my fav. restraunt (Red thai Curry with steamed rice and it was perfect!!)

4. Finish a bottle of Red wine & not be completely hungover the morning after.

5. Find the ancient copy of 'Best works of Rabindranath tagore' from my parents' book rack (which trust me, is quite a task!) and also find one particularly beautiful verse in that HUGE book which I, only half remembered till the day before. (I intend on sharing it with you soon.)

So you get the point - My weekend was exponentially cooler than my most weekends.. lol
How was your weekend?

Much Love.


Latin Sardar said...

Driving a Civic is always fun. I'm sure the weekend was far more awesome than the words that just described it...

Allison said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - and congrats on getting back behind the wheel of the Civic after almost crashing it! That takes a lot of courage =)
And I love trying new things at restaurants...I'm almost always very pleasantly surprised.
It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!
P.S. I am just loving your blog!

workhard said...

Seems like a very passive weekend...

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Her name was Lola said...

I love this image! Fabulous blog, miss thing.