Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'll keep it safe!

Everybody in fashion is starting their sentences with, ' This fall season.....'??

Are you seriously suggestin that Summers are going away? Then why am I trapped in a world of tank tops, jersey t-shirts, Racerbacks and shorts. Am I really that late? Suddenly it dawned on me... I'm already designing for Summer 2010... sadly i skipped an entire season.

Irony of being a designer, while the world is talkin about leather, plaids, furs and cashmere, you are way ahead... already playing with jersey, cotton and chiffons. Thats the sad part of being a designer. Things, people around you are getting excited about, somehow, dont thrill you anymore. Everything seems so passé. Wonder what will I be wearing in another few months when winters are actually here... Tank tops or plaid jackets?? Don't worry I'll keep you posted.

Words of Peter Parker's uncle flash in my head ' with great power, comes a great responsiblity'
So while all of you enjoy planning your winter wardrobes, I'll be making sure your summers aren't totally forgotten!! Your sunshine's safe with me ;)

Much love,

Words by spardha, Also check out project SUN JAR


Meg Fee said...

ah, ha ha!! brilliant. well, we depend on you, so keep truckin on (designing)!

Cypriotchick said...

you are absolutely right! we're officially in spring now (since tuesday; in australia) and u go to the shops and theres only summer clothes everywhere! that doesn't stopthe weather outside though as its still raining!


Sara said...

The one thing I like about fall/winter is getting to layer!!

chicknamedhermia said...

Awh that's sad ....although personally I'd just be constantly designing for Autumn and Winter cos they're TOTALLY the best season them knits! =)