Thursday, September 3, 2009

I chose magic!

Its a choice - it always is.. only its not an easy choice to make.. either I could share with you how terrible the beginning of my day was and how irritable I am at the moment or I could write about the magical night episode I had, yesterday. See, I really wan't to brood over the sad part and complain about it and scream from the rooftops, 'Its Not Fair'... but my blog is about Chic things and its definitely not chic to be angry and cribby. So I've made the decision.. Magical Night Episode it is!!

Post dinner, I went over to my Granny's place for a night-over, me and my sister often do it coz she lives alone and likes us around every once in a while. I was reading my book, while two of them were getting ready to sleep. Just then i heard a thunder and splashes of water out side the window.. They weren't the peter-pater raindrops, it was like a river flowing out of the sky!! So much so, that the backyard was filled with water upto the ankle within minutes of the rain. It was really late and my granny wanted to tuck us into bed but the two of us were just peeping out of the window and planning to go out in the rain! Like little kids, we went out jumping and splashing water on each other... dancing and going nuts.

We came back inside after a while, Drenched to the bones... with our granny standing with towels and an amused smile that said 'You two will never grow up!'. Then came the big question what the hell were we to wear? oh, the ONLY clothes we came wearing were drenched! Thats when my granny took out the oldest pair of nighties she posessed, that we must have worn a couple of times as kids, they were the prettiest, oldest, lacy embroidered, floor length maxis that only came till our calves, now!

We had hot tea and cookies (like the old times) while all the world around us must be fast asleep. Eventually, we also found our way back into bed... warm, smiling and tired! It was so magical...

So what did you wear to bed last night?

Much Love.

words by spardha, images found here and here


Cypriotchick said...

what a cute magical story! i hope today's dreadful start ended better for you!


nicole addison said...

what a beautiful night! i have goosebumps :) i was picturing myself at my grandmas the whole time and i can only imagine how much fun that was to share with her. i hope the rest of your day ends up like your night, instead of the morning! xoxo

Anonymous said...

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