Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NO CLOTHES, really??

I open my cupboard every morning, to let out a sigh, 'I have no friggin clothes'!!
I do manage to put a decent Outfit together, almost everyday but yet I'm totally lusting for some outfit that hasn't found its way into my wardrobe yet. Being a stylist (for a short while), a fashion designer and an immensely creative person (so I would like to believe)... I am always unhappy and find my way to the mall quite often... and my life is a one BIG circle.

Lack of clothes - Impulsive buys - total Bliss - Many compliments - more desires - lack of money - Dissatisfaction ..... BACK TO MALL!!
I go on living this weird pattern (knowingly) and then comes along this spirited young girl.. looking fabulous everyday, working her way to a (Noble) cause ... while i lay mostly bankrupt with an overflowing wardrobe and yet no where in the same zipcode as Noble!!

Where did I go wrong? I should have taken a few tips from Sheena (the noble fashionistah ;)) and invested in one (or few) great dress(es) and accessorised my way to fame and fabulousness while collecting big charity and attending the fashion weeks around the world.

Yeah so that is plain day dreaming, right? NO, not for Sheena at THE UNIFORM PROJECT !! If you haven't paid a visit to it yet.. well its about time..

I featured it on my blog earlier and doing so again for those of you who missed out.

Put your creativity to some good use. I don't intend on being charitable (in a big way!) anytime soon, I'd just let my materialistic side get a few tips on styling from this fab blog/project.

I hope you find your own reasons though..

Much Love.


Sara said...

wow she's beautiful! And the way she adds things...magical!

Latin Sardar said...

hey, fashion chica!! there's a party at MGF mall in saket on Oct 9. just thought maybe u'd like to go (not with me, ;) not asking you out :D)...

Sara said...

I hope it works out for the best for the both of us :D

Meg Fee said...

i love THE UNIFORM PROJECT. that's how i feel at work sometimes--how can i look as different as possible in this ugly black suit (without the ability to accessorize hugely--just small earring changes and pulled back hair variations!). but i know the feeling of i have so many clothes! and then i open my closet/or dresser to put something on and my wardrobe seems so very tiny!

ps: i tried the blunt cut for years but i have so much hair that i just end up looking like a mushroom!

Manju said...

the uniform project is awesome! ^^
it makes re-invention into this really cool artform

Nagesh.MVS said...

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