Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sabyasachi WIFW A/W 11

So when you hear the grand finale is by Sabyasachi, you are bound to brace yourself for a fantastic mindblowingly crazy show. Sabya is a genius and nobody can deny it. He's consistently been churning out collections that are not only a hit with the fashion critics but also with the buyers. His style is so developed and mature that some can argue that he's not experimental enough. Which is true to certain extent but Sabya continues to remain in his comfort zone and yet bring out a range that is exciting. A/W 11 wasn't only a fantastic collection but also an immensely entertaining show. Yes, it does look mildly inspired by Jil Sander and also reminds you of Prada but it would be unfair to write him off. If Jil and Sabya had a baby, this collection would be born. A very beautiful baby indeed.

The show started with a jazz singer singing 'I will survive' with a live band. the broadway-esque lights read Wills Lifestyle Sabyasachi with giant books on both sides. The runway was lit with bulbs on the sides. The strings of bulbs hanging on the top only added to the grand 40's drama.

Here are some pictures:




I know this is the first update of the fashion week, there's more coming. Some save best for the last, I don't I guess. So, is this collection a hit or a miss?

Much Love,