Monday, April 25, 2011

It smells of love

Mr. Dior's instructions to the perfumer's creating Miss Dior were simple: “Create a fragrance that is like love.” But, the fragrance went unnamed until the elegant Mitzah Bricard saw Christian’s sister Catherine enter the Dior Couture boutique and said: “Look, there is Miss Dior!”. “Miss Dior! That is my perfume!” exclaimed Christian and finally christened the perfume. More than one liter of pure fragrance was sprinkled every week in Dior’s first boutique when it opened in February 1947.

Almost treated as an heirloom piece, this little bottle of Miss Dior has travelled three generations to reach Deepika Dayal's perfume cabinet. This was bought sometime in the 70's for her grandmother. I dare not even spray the half full content of this rare vintage find. 'Please be very careful,' were the only words she spoke to me as I started to take pictures of the bottle but throughout the five minutes that the bottle remained carefully placed on the china dish, her eyes were fixed on it. The box also smells as sweet as the bottle. Over the years, the cardboard too has become protective of the bottle. The bow intact on the neck of the bottle stands proud even with its whithered satin fabric. It smells, feels and reminds me of love. I wonder how many more generations would this bottle travel. Knowing Deepika, it will definitely make it to her kids!

I'm not sure if I have any such treasures worth romanticizing about except my great grand mom's little tin box that houses her little handkerchief collection with embroidered flowers and Crochet trims. But that's for another time.

Much Love,


Oona said...

Ah, this is such a sweet post! History and fashion are probably my two favourite things :p

Prutha said...

i love things passed on thru generations... its soo cool..but i would have never thought Eau De Toilette to last that great though.. it can be the fam smell.. all women have a distinct aroma about themselves

Anonymous said...

My granma says she has gold jewellery to pass on to me

it may not be to my taste but it costs just as much :D

-- Nishi