Friday, April 1, 2011


If you stumbled on this post, then this just might be your lucky day!

Lovely people over at Vero Moda and Only, are giving the readers of Its Uber Chic a chance to win a Rs 2000 worth of a shopping spree at their stores accross India. All you have to do is follow the three simple steps below to participate:

1. Tell us if you could wear one designer collection for the rest of your life, who would it be?

2. Follow Its Uber Chic on Blogspot if you aren't already.

3. Follow me on twitter @spurdz for an extra entry and notify in comments.

The winner will be chosen using, and will be announced on 10th April.


Oona said...

1. Jil Sander S/S 11!
2. Done
3. Done


Gunjan said...

Hey,I have been reading your blog silently since long and with giveaway I surface and follow you on blogspot with the name Gunjan and on twitter with the handle @laajjo.

1)It has to be Sabyasachi.I LOVE LOVE LOVE his clothes.



And I can't help but comment I hope it's not an April Fools' Day joke :D

H said...

1. Dior Homme/Rajesh Pratap Singh
2. Done
3. Sorry, I'm anti-Twitter for now.


1.christian dior

A Lot Like Fashion said...

At this point of time, I would say Prabal Gurung. Following you!:)
Enter me :)

Spardha Malik said...

@Gunjan - I assure you this ain't a April fools hoax! lol though that would've been super funny idea :P

Nelly said...

1.) The Brilliant Mr. Manish Arora/ Eli Saab<3 Forever.

Roxanne said...

1. D&G! from perfumes to clothes!
2&3. Done!

S. Sriram said...
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S. Sriram said...

1. cool mens stuff (not sure about rest of my life tho')
2. Done
3. Done

Hi Spardha, I'm considering building out an 'Indian Fashion collection' for my startup and wanted to link to your blog and use your baggy pants/rickshaw photo from your Bigger is Better post. Would love to hear from you ss @

nitz007 said...

1- D&G no doubt... the sexiest designer collection ever..
2- done
3-done :) :)

Khushi Saini said...

1. It has to be Narendra Kumar Ahmed all the way for me. His latest label Nari Nari has amazing collection for women.
2. Done
3. Done :)

Melsa said...

1. gucci s/s 11
2. done
3. done

ou phrontis said...

1. Louboutin for shoes, CK for fragrances, clothes, accessories
2. name is ou phrontis
3. handle is dipti_optimus_

fingers crossed ;)

bhumika said...

1. That would be Anita Dongre.
2. Follow u thru GFC
3. Follow u on twitter- bhumika_t

Nidhi said...

1. Dior
2. Done
3. Done


namzi_writer said...

Nandita Mahatani because of the simplicity and making it wearable in all season



Rohita said...

Wendell Rodricks for making simple look hot


3. Done

shreya said...

1. Alexander Wang - almost love everything he has designed


★maLeeka★ said...

1. Rei Kawakubo [I can dress in extremes all my life :D]

2. Done

3. Done !

Ro Ro said...

1) Be naked- be natural- i would be rather myself than wear someone else'e clothes! xxxx

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

1. My own creations for sure!!!
2. Done.
3. Done.

The 8-piece skirt

Strange Crimson said...

1. Balmain F/W 11!
2. Done
3. Not on twitter

Lovely seeing you at fashion week!

shashre51 said...

1. wud love to wear H. Huntsman someday. not sure if thats designer stuff.
2. been there.
3. done that.

nishi said...

Oh what the heck, it's worth a shot

1) Manish Arora because his style is very distinctive and I love the colours he uses in his clothes

2) Following

3) Following

I feel like a stalker, now all i need is a restraining order to be legit :D

Pithsala said...

1. Jeffrey Campbell Spring 2011
2. Done
3. Done

Enter meee!

dhwani said...

Gauri and Nainika anytime! :)

nm said...

1) Marchesa
2) Done
3) Done

Khushi Saini said...

Hi Spardha, may i know when will the winners be announced, as it was said 10th of april :)

Butterfly... :) said...

Ellie Saab!! :)

Entered!! :)