Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Industry - WIFW'11

The fashion Industry in India is carving its own identity on to the world map. The gaps are filling in, trends are emerging, designers are taking risks and more attention is being paid to design (as opposed to PR stunts). We just might be coming into our own but we are certainly not there yet.

Having drooled over some of their collections from my days in NIFT to actually meeting them face to face, this indeed was one of the coolest privileges of attending WIFW. Its rather funny that most of the designers are surprisingly camera shy and need a lot of persuasion to get a picture. Regardless, I did get few of them to coyly smile for my camera.

Also this post reminded me of a Note I recently read on the facebook profile of my NIFT senior - Arathi Cherian. Filled me with full-on nostalgia and I thought it would be perfect for this post.

"I love our industry...I love what we do...Our unapolegetically changing moods....

I love how Anti-fashion is no one is exempted from the chain no matter how unfashionable they may claim to be.

I love that because of the likes of us, Cerulean, Cobalt and Prussian suffer from no identity crisis.
I love how the word season will always mean something slightly different for us.

I love that a Galliano and a Calvin Klein can co-exist so...umm..fashionably?? ...and while we’re talking Galliano, I’m on his side, the poor genius!!!
I love that we know and create now, for another person, on another side of the planet, what he does not know he will want in 2 years.
I love what we stand for and that we needn’t.

I love our depth and our shallowness and that we can flit from one to the other as we please.... our kisses in the air and our hunger to leave the world a little more chic than we found it.
Ah well!!!... Whats not to love???
Here’s to us!!!! The insiders..... We may not be bound by Flesh or Blood...But we are forever connected by the Umbilical Cord our peplums of now and pea-coats of tomorrow....our lab-dips and color matchings...test fits and seam-rippers...Lap Seams and Double-needles....


The Anti-fashion fashion tribe : <Kallol Datta >   <Anand Bhushan>
Inspired with worker class aesthetics, gorgeous <Masaba Gupta>'s collection is all about colors and prints!
Narresh, Manisha and Shrivan. <Shrivan Narresh> have to the most dapper of the men at WIFW. You'd be lucky if you land a free outfit from these guys but luckier if you get a free numerological consultancy session! ;)

Super hipster <Sailexx> I love his slightly edgy take on construction!! <Anuj Sharma> challenges the complete concept of garment construction with his innovative collections. I adore him!
<James Ferreira> is the Sex! the lazy sunday morning kind. <Aki Narula>'s crazy layering always surprises me!!
Felix Bendish - the most creative accessory designer on the block. Narresh's craazzzy glasses that he got from Venice. he's been looking for something even edgier for the last 2 years. hmmmm... any suggestions?
<Nitin Bal Chauhan> taking a break from his regular collections, Nitin is working on his painting skills (and sketching). As you can tell by his painting titled 'Eat, Drink, Make merry' in the background, that he finished in a day at WIFW, he's going a looong way in either direction he chooses. Watch out for his painting exhibition soon.

 The absolutely charming <Prashant Verma> and the god of drapes <Gaurav Gupta> with someone very important in the middle.

So, Power to us, eh?

Much Love!


Arathi Cherian said...

Absolutely loving kalol dutta and anand bhishans look.... and nitin chauhans painting looks awesome!!! thanks for the sneak- peek...:-)

Lobeni Lesley. said...

Apart from Edward L, My second biggest crush is Atsu. *swooning*


Prutha Raithatha said...

i am loving all these designer fashions