Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIFA fever!

When fellow blogger, Scholars' life yesterday remarked, 'Costume party does sound good for the world cup occasion! football-themed?' I thought to myself... yeah right! but never to let go of an interesting challenge, I started thinking how could I pull off a football themed look and yet end up justifying the blog title... Turns out its not that difficult!

okay, so I'm not much of a soccer maniac except when the world cup craze starts building up... that too as an excuse to hang out with friends and guzzle some beer... and mostly every time I root for Brazil coz its got the Hotttest men... yes, I'm Lame, proudly so (have you seen Ronadinho?? yes I think he's hotter than Ronaldo.. so what if he's not even playing this year)!

I don't (obviously) own a single team jersey so I'm making do with my cousin's NBA TimberWolves jersey, which I believe somehow found a place in my wardrobe (le mystery!) And its GREEN so its close to Brazillian flag color!

What do you think?

Jersey - Borrowed/Stolen, Shirt - Dad's, Shorts - Linking Road, Bandra, Shoes - Killah, Bag - Levi's, Hat- Don't remember! :(

I picked up SO many colorful laces an year back from Chandigarh and never used them... I'm glad atleast they found a way of making themselves useful! haha

Oh, anybody else planning to watch World Cup? what team are you supporting?

Much Love,

Go Brazil!


Hippie Holly said...

Yes I am watching and cheering for Brazil its in my love my dad is a huge Brazil fan! Oh I do love how you've styled yourself a Brazil inspired outfit. Love the hat and the bag!!!

Sovina said...

for the first part of what u have written- consider me a nerd..i have nil interest in sports and hence i am not in suitble positon to comment..i just know that something called FIFA is going on & world is getting crazy about it.

COmng to what i do best...appreciate outfits..i love the green, the hat but mostly i love your DIY with laces..i got silver & gold laces last week fr my oxfords and loved how they changed the look of the whole shoe. Loving ur sandlas too :)

Tanvi said...

What do I say? I say Brazil! i have ALWAYS supported Brazil ... I have been watching FIFA for only 14 years and I love it ... When I was in England followed Soccer more closely than I do now. But hell ya GO BRAZIL! ;)

About your outfit - ROCKING! Those shoes and laces are genius - woman!

scholars' life said...

u r sooo coool!!! yeay for football. and you pulled off the fifa fever so well. we got some football jerseys, might throw that on one of these days as things heat up more.
and yes, we are totally watching almost every game. but we beg to differ! brazil ain't our favorites... gone are the ronaldo/ ronaldinho days. it's argentina baby! messi all the way;)
(sorry we love the game)

Spardha Malik said...

@ Hippie Holly - I'm glad u watch it with dad... I'm totally into cricket with dad... ITS awesome to spend a day with ur big guy!

@ Sovina - Thanks girl... I'm glad u like it!

@ Tanvi - I still struggle to watch the game... I really don't get most of it... But a GOAL is a Goal!! haha and that calls for Bottom's UP! :D

@ Scholars' life - I was keeping my fingers crossed that u like it!! I know Messi's really Hot but Brazil is an old favorite :D

wud love to c u girls throw on some jerseys!

shooting star said...

am luvin the whole luk, nice!!!

Prutha said...

loving the shoe laces on the pumps!!! brilliant!!!!

Sovina said...

hey sweetie..following you now:))

Hippie Holly said...

You've been tagged :)

Tanvi said...

Too busy wit FIFA or what? Lost?!?! P.S. I have a tag for you at my blog [Monday's Post] Please come and grab it :o)

Vogue Vibes said...

Jus Loving d way those laces are used around d pumps....Verryyy Nice:-)

The Goddess of Boho said...

OMG look at you!
This look is very very creative.
Also I want to steal your shoes and run!