Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Art Arrest!

My mum's an artist and it only comes naturally to me to atleast appreciate it. So yesterday mum, My sister Amulya and me had a little girl's day out as we went visiting the National Gallery of Modern Arts to see the Best of Rabindranath Tagore's works on display.

My god, it was even more fun than usual beacause the photography / painting exhibition was supplemented by some of his famous quotes. I'm a sucker for words... I feel that every painting is beautiful on its own but when accompanied with a quote or a phrase, it just gives a magical insight into the artist's mind. This is where Rabindranath tagore and me differ. He believes that a painting's job is to express itself not explain itself. True as it is, I find words very powerful and like the two mediums(art and lyrics) to overlap once in a while to leave me ecstatic!

My mom didn't think much of his artworks from technical perspective but she did say that he seemed to be very introspective and expressive! Even when he drew some one else's face, you could see his own heart in every stroke.... In lay man language... very expressive/bold strokes!

Anyway, this fab afternoon ended with a sumptuous lunch at Yum Yum Tree, the best chinese restaurant I've been to in a loong time! If you're Delhi, must visit it.

Here are some pictures we clicked:

A curator taking notes! I just loved that skirt.... gorgeous!

A bird and some squirrels were sharing a lunch!

It was sheer luck to capture this Ice-age inspired squirrel shot!!! I couldn't believe my luck :)

Nature's attempt at sculpting = Masterpiece!

Amulya and me taking rest after walking through the endless aisles for hours!

My mum wearing one of my designs! Its so difficult to please an artist's aesthetics.. believe me!

Tunic - Golmaal, Lokhandwala, Leggings - ChunMun Store, Delhi, Slippers - Surajkund Fair, Bag - DKNY jeans

Here they store and sell all artist's prints. they are priced very very low and are a must-buy for an art enthusiast whose majorly low on budget. Though I hate people who buy a certain painting just so it matches with their house decor. That's an insult of not only the artist but of the entire community! I feel very strongly about it... I hope I don't find u matching the color of your wall to a painting.. EVER! :P

Much Love,


Hippie Holly said...

Ah nothing beats a girls day out and to have some art thrown in the mix is simply perfect. Love your tunic- the print is gorgeous. Your mum's kurta is really nice too. I love the bag too!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Is that your mum, really?? She looks wayyyyy too young and sweet! :) Miss mine!

I'm an avid fan of almost anything art and love attending such exhibitions myself!! Your outfit is smart. PRetty chilled out for the occasion. Perfect! :)

Tanvi said...

How fun! Girl's day out sounds perfect! PLus Art was involved - ought to be stimulating :) .. .Very very nice creations ... ON your mom and your outfit too!!!

Sovina said...

sounds like you had some real fun..the outfit was perfect for the occasion.

Spardha Malik said...

Thanks Girls!!