Friday, June 11, 2010

Costume Party, Anyone?

Madhur - 'Spardha Malik, stop living your life like its a friggin' costume Party!'

Spardha - 'Why not, its so much fun?'

Madhur - 'Am I invited then?'

Spardha - 'Depends on what you're wearing! :P'

(Okay, the last two dialogues never really happened!)

Here are my 'costumes' since i'm attending 2 parties - the global desi themed and urban hipster!

Here's what I'm wearing to the 'Global Desi' one :

Afghani Pants - Mcleod ganj, Purple oriental Jacket - Mcleod Ganj, T-shirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Soft n' Sleek, Delhi, Bag - Gift (from Arunachal Pradesh)

...And this one's an ode to the 'Urban Hipsters' / my favourite bloggers J and S at Fashion Bombay. I'm wearing their self created JSo Egypt Scarf!

Afghani Pants - Mcleod ganj, Denim Waistcoat - Uni Style Image (USI) , T-shirt - Old Navy, Shoes - Soft n' Sleek, Delhi, Scarf - JSo Style

We should plan a Costume party for real!! What say?

Much Love,


H said...

I dislike you and your AMAZING holiday finds;.
Both the looks are great.
Those pants are AWESOME.

Deeps!! said...

Both looks are super!!! love the afgani pants!!! :) super cool i say!

The Goddess of Boho said...

Global desi indeed!
Love it :)

the purple jacket is fab.
The other day I was thinking of teaming my dhoti pants with their scarf. (I have the same one in purple)
It is a gorgeous scarf isn't it? :D
So you're probably going to see a similar post on my blog.

Spardha Malik said...

@H - haha i'm glad i make u jealous! :D

@Deeps - Thanks so much! I totally love them... it was such a steal!

@ Goddess of boho - I knew it u'd like global desi...!! That jacket is so gorgeous.. i still have to get its shoulders altered.. coz it kind looks like top right now!
Can't wait to c ur interpretation!!

scholars' life said...

:) costume party does sound good for the world cup occasion! football-themed? sorry for the randomness and your your desi combo is fabulous bbut the comment by madhur is pretty deep:) a lot to think about eh!

Tanvi said...

I love your looks! The necklace is very pretty! Plus I like that jacket !!! .. Definitely plan a costume party! :)

Spardha Malik said...

@ scholars - Lemme c if i can pull off a Football themed one!! You guys should work on it too!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love ur pants..i hope u bought them in every color:-) The first outfit is a little too colorful for me but u have the chutzpah to pull it off:-) love the black jacket!!

anks said...

Spardha Malik, always live your life like its a friggin costume party! :)

Vintage Obsession said...

Is it a jumper ? or have you worn harem pants like that ?:) loves it :) you look so cute in the whole desi look :)

Spardha Malik said...

@ Tanvi - Thanks a ton... i LOVE this necklace too... it ends up looking striking with almost anything!!

@ bollywoodstylediaries - Sadly enough i just bought one of them! i guess i'll just have to go back to dharamsala again!

@ anks - I was waiting for someone to say that! <3 <3

@ Vintage - No sweetie the pants and top are separate...they're just kinda the same color! I'm glad u like it!

Hippie Holly said...

There are worse ways to live ones life than like a costume party. Personally I think its a mightly lovely idea. Love your look! Global gypsy desi. Love it. Also your bag is fabulous.

Sovina said...

love the bohemian look..both of them..i love the studded scarf too :)

shooting star said...

one advice from you - where in delhi will i get gud afgani pants???
i found some stuff at globus but it was no gud..

jso style said...

You finally wore our scarf! Yay!! Love you first look and of course heart the second one by default. Great style :)

Prutha said...

love the first out!! the vest with the harem plans r brilliant!!

Dusk said...

I love it, love it LOVE it!!! Every day is an occasion to play dress up!!
...Global Desi!! it's why you and your blog make me happy... so when you can honey, when you're back to blogging, come on over and collect your 'You Make Me Happy Award' -Happy 101