Monday, June 7, 2010

But it Rained....

Day 2 Started very late and that too with a hangover! Finally began our shopping spree.. You should have seen poor Joey's face when he realised how us 3 girls just wanted to spend the rest of the day shopping and eating!

Anyway, so since I wanted to splurge on all the gorgeous merchandise on display through the entire stretch of Temple road, I decided on taking up a part time job at the Moonlight Cafe. Yeah, well it was this tiny place that prepared all its beverages fresh, hot and old-school way.

Check out -

They weren't exactly happy when they saw that I was giving free Chai to all tourists and I was Fired!
Atleast I got McLeod Ganj's best chai for free. Perks of a fantastic job, you see...

Oh by the way, did u notice that collar/necklace i'm wearing -

Madhur and me saw it while walking up to our hotel last evening and thought we'd go and grab it before the other does! Shopkeeper informed us that he had only one piece.. I jumped grabbed and gave madhur a puppy face. She smiled and said she wouldn't rest until she found another one for herself. DID YOU GET IT??? It was mine.. all mine, my precious :D

But she really didn't let me sit till we found one for her... only her's was more expensive, beautiful and heavy. (Oh you know why Joey's wearing it - to prove the point that I looked like a cow wearing that collar? I mean really, is it that ridiculous. So, who looks like a cow now, JOey ;))

This one's Madhur's :

...She didn't really buy it right away. I clicked this picture and she deliberated on it for hours and gave me pros and cons of buying it. and then she bought the next day!

I loved this wall. You know these bright colors just looked so beautiful against the grey sky! Oh that and madhur's maxi dress is so gorgeous against the blue.. did i tell you she designed it herself! Did I also tell you that she quit her fashion writer job a vogue india to pursue designing at a whim?! Yes, we are very screwed up... directionless, adventurous and passionate! I quit designing to write and she did the opposite. :D

Talking about Passion, I loved this painting. Did you know its hand-painted?

That was awkard?

Anyhoo, I was on my way back to hotel, I saw this gorgeous dog sitting up a flight of stairs. Oh that little thing was by far the cutest dog I've ever seen and when I met his 4yr old owner, my heart melted into a chocolate fudge:

He's got a brown heart shaped out line around his face... my little cutie!

You should have seen them together... the two heart stealers.. Everybody was just cooing around them!!! It was so hard to say goodbye when he blew a kiss in my direction..

Once we were on our way back to hotel, the baap of all surprises swept us off our feet... quite literally! We experienced our first Himalayan storm.. window smashing, tree swaying, dust blowing mammoth of a storm. As a local poet Tenzin Tsundue says,' When it rains in Dharamsala, the rain drops wear boxing gloves!' You bet!

We ran back to our hotel, screaming and shouting and laughing... It was somehow spine-chillingly funny! We were so glad to finally reach back hotel safe to find that the entire hotel was lit with candle lights as there was no electricity or even hope of it :D

Yes, while we were kinda scared that our windows are gonna smash anytime now and wind will throw us into the valley, that's when we were invited to have a candle-lit dinner by the restaurant. On menu were only Tibetatan delicacies and it was hot and yummy and comforting. We were wrapped in layers of thin cotton tops to keep us warm. Then came some bottles of Beer, being the only alcohol available and yet started another night of merry-making!

Yummy Food... oh, I miss thee!

Until tomorrow :)

Much Love,


Hippie Holly said...

I do love some vacation chronicles. You seem to be having a wonderful time. Have a fabulous holiday :)I love the collar necklaces, both of them are gorgeous!

H said...

You seem to be having a lot of fun!
The place looks gorgeous and now it makes me wanna go on vaycay.
Bah. Stupid Internship.

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Loving the neck piece...
The dog and child shots are too good.. :)

My Outfit at My Best Friend's Engagement

bollywoodstylediaries said...

that dog is sooo both the bib necklaces. great to know that both u and ur friend have figured what you want in life and are pursuing it!! good luck:-)

Spardha Malik said...

@ Hippy - Thanks a ton.. i'm glad u like it being such a jewelry glamazon urself ;)
@ H - Oh yeah one heck of a holiday!
@ Mitr - Thankyou.. I'm glad you like them.
@bsd - I know, right... We're still very unsure about what we want.. but still pushing our luck!!

Sovina said...

i love love love both the necklaces...these big statement necklaces look so chic..its sad that i haven't been able to find them in US anywhere..your shopping story bought back so many memories..i remember when me & my friends went ot Janpath and saw something ..there was always like "we gotta have it" and then we used to bargain with the shopkeepers..such fun it was..

these necklaces would look so so good with a simple top or a maxi also..You seem to have a very good taste in jewelery..Keep rocking!!!

And, thanks for stopping by the blog :))

Dusk said...

I love your posts!!! Your energy is just so infectious. The Sphardha Virus, spreading good germs of zest!!

I LOVE that necklace, both actually, have one very similar to your friends one.

Spardha Malik said...

@ Sovina -- Do lemme know if u want me to pick up somethin from Delhi! and we must meet when ur this side :)
@ Dusk - You are VERY kind!!! ur comments never fail to make my day!

Prutha said...

that bib necklace is brilliant !!

GB said...

Love the bib necklace(s) so psyched that I finally found a desi fashion blog!!! I'm so following this!!!