Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Goodbye

His haunting voice struck a chord with my heart. I was intrigued..... deeply. I wanted to hear more of him. I found him and his bundle of pain. I fell in love with him instantly. I searched more of him and caught a steeling glance at his face. The attraction, the curiosity and the longing grew stronger, more intense with every rising note of his song... The chiseled face, the ravenous hair and the blank eyes.. I couldn't have him out of my sight for a minute longer.

I wanted to touch him, feel him and be wrapped and enveloped by the pain in his voice and allow my heart to rhyme with every beat of his heart's. We shared a moment, a moment outside the boundaries of time, space and mass... long after he was Gone... yes, He was gone. Even before I heard the first whisper, much before I could lay my eyes on that perfect face, and long long before I even had a chance to tell the world that I loved him... he was Gone! But he did leave me his 'Last Goodbye'

I found you and lost you in a matter of minutes. But I want you to know that you've found a corner in my heart forever.

Jeff Buckley, you'll be loved and missed deeply ....

Much Love,